Airdate: Glue


Next Tuesday SBS 2 premieres a UK series Glue, which centres around the murder of a 14 year old boy in a picturesque countryside.

Written by Jack Thorne (Skins, Cast-offs, This Is England, The Fades) this “teen whodunnit” has won rave reviews.

Half of the 10 episodes are directed by Aussie Daniel Nettheim.

In the country anything can happen. When 14 year-old Cal is found murdered, the lives of Ruth, Tina, Rob, James, Janine and Eli are changed forever. As these friends try and make sense of the tragedy, one death will turn into two.

Long-held secrets and newfound plans will be exposed. And two deaths will turn into three. Suddenly, people who have known each other for years will start to suspect one another and the group will unravel. Someone will turn out not to be who they say they are, another will be forced to leave Overton forever. Young love will be questioned and a truer love will at long last be realized. Estranged friends, devastated by a betrayal in the past, will be reunited in a bid to stop the murderer striking again. But as the police investigation mounts and the friends try and find their place in a swiftly changing world, as they juggle forging careers and family expectation, there will be more murders.

And some of them will die.

This is the story of the mysterious life of rural Britain. A place where kids play chicken on top of silo machines that have blades that can cut your hand into slices no thicker than the ham in your sandwich. A place where people think nothing of jumping blind into a barn of grain that can drown you – suffocating your lungs with tiny bullets of wheat…

A place where anything goes.

9:30pm Tuesday July 7 on SBS 2.


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