Chloe Maxwell for Dancing with the Stars?

Could there be opposing husband and wife competitors on Seven's dance series?


Another name who could be in the mix for Dancing with the Stars is model and presenter Chloe Maxwell.

Her husband former rugby league player Mat Rogers is already confirmed for the series, but there could be competition if she also takes to the dance floor.

Maxwell, who appeared on It Takes Two, is a co-presenter on lifestyle series Live Well.

Amongst both rumoured and confirmed names are John Paul Young, Jude Bolton, Matthew Mitcham, Samantha Harris, Larry Emdur, Emma Freedman, Kelly Cartwright, Bachelor Tim Robards and Ash Pollard. And possibly Katie Price?

The series is tipped for a Sunday July 19 return.

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  1. Jude Bolton’s wife Lynette has been confirmed. She was on The Daily Edition the other day talking about it. Perhaps we could see two husband and wives competing this season.

      1. Also David Emma Freedman was on The Daily Edition yesterday confirming her appearance and she mentioned Matthew Mitcham’s dance partner is Masha Belash. I remember an article you wrote about whether Matthew would have a male or female dance partner and just thought I’d let you know.

          1. I only catch it every now and then but from what I have seen their guest list has improved over the last few months.

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