Craig McPherson to lead Seven News & Public Affairs


Former Today Tonight exec producer Craig McPherson is returning to Seven -from his current role at Nine- to become Director of News and Public Affairs.

He joined Nine two years ago to become head of development for news and current affairs and to build Nine’s brand in Adelaide and Perth, after he was overlooked for the head of news and current affairs role when Peter Meakin retired. That role was split between Rob Raschke (news) and Neil Mooney (current affairs).

Now with Seven News trailing Nine, McPherson will have management responsibility for Seven News, Sunday Night, Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition and Today Tonight (Adelaide / Perth).

He is expected to have seniority to Rob Raschke.

Tim Worner, CEO of Seven West Media, said: “I am pleased to be working again with Craig. He’s a great operator. He has a passion for news and public affairs and is driven by success. I look forward to him once again being a vital part of Seven.”


Sources suggest the move comes after Nine roles were secure with no immediate prospects offering any new opportunities.

McPherson, who left Seven amid some consternation, is well liked and has a good nose for selling a story. Rather ridiculously, his new portfolio also includes The Morning Show -which goes head to head with that co-hosted by wife Sonia Kruger, Mornings on Nine.


  1. I wonder if he’ll be allowed to stop running those pieces on One Big Switch, passed off as “news”. Seven has a financial interest in that company. Also pieces on the latest sales at David Jones and Myer, passed off as “news” – both significant advertisers on 7.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    I’m assuming that this is Stoke’s response to Bath leaving. His first job will be to fix Sydney News ratings which really means replacing Ferguson.

  3. spectrum warrior

    Ive noticed that Ch9 has turned the corner and is looking good in news. Craig must be a special talent. Unfortunately moving one person from here to there very rarely works. Or is that the idea. Is seven just wanting to stunt Ch9’s growth. Personally Ill be watching the ABC. They are so much better at producing news without the spin.

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