Four to judge Restaurant Revolution



Pop-up restaurants featuring in Seven’s upcoming Restaurant Revolution will open to the public for lunch and dinner from Tuesday, July 14.

Seven also also announced the experts who will serve as both mentors and judges on the series, in which “the best and most profitable restaurant” will win $200,000.

They are:

Neil Perry
Multi-award winning chef and Company Director of the Rockpool Group

Jess Ho
Brand and social media strategist

Erez Gordon
Restaurant owner, consultant and front of house specialist

John Lethlean
Restaurant critic and Food Editor at The Australian newspaper

Adelaide-based chef and restaurateur Jock Zonfrillo, hosts the show coming soon to Seven.


  1. I don’t know where the other states have their Restaurants, but Adelaide’s one is smack bang in the middle of the CBD in a public square, a bit of an eyesore given the surrounds.

  2. Agree with dwuuuu, Neil Perry should be an interesting judge!
    I applied to be a waiter at the restaurant here in Perth, wasn’t a huge turn out for potential employees. And they only seemed to be searching for full time crew or very experienced part time crew members- should be interesting to see what they’ve ended up doing in terms of staffing!

    • I’m surprised they didn’t go down the MRR route of asking for staff while the show was on air. Would have been more interesting and I think they would have got a bigger turn out.

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