Giggle and Hoot go batty for Giggle Fangs

Giggle and Hoot‘s Hoot and Hootabelle now have a new pal, a pint-sized bat named Giggle Fangs.

ABC KIDS unveiled the new character today, but hopefully he won’t scare the kids too much, described as a super cool bat with supersonic Bat Hearing.

ABC says “From the Batty Lair, he can hear the Giggle Pals singing and having fun and their noise can sometimes disturb his fangtastically quiet lifestyle… unless he can stop them. Muahahahahaha! Though most of the time he can’t help but be drawn into their excitement.”

They are some nasty incisors….

Giggle and Hoot airs daily from 7.30am and 5.15pm on ABC KIDS.

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