It’s Dancing with the Stars vs The Voice vs MasterChef


Seven has now confirmed its plans for Dancing with the Stars.

As originally tipped by TV Tonight, it returns at 7pm this Sunday night, screening Live until 9:30pm.

The House Rules grand final is now locked in at 7:30pm next Monday (also tipped here).

Seven adds two Anh Do specials next Tuesday and Thursday and Border Security / Highway Patrol on Wednesday in order to hold off Restaurant Revolution until the week of July 26 as it awaits the MasterChef finale.

Worth noting that Seven threw a red herring into its early-release schedule with Sunday Night originally set for 7pm this Sunday.

That proved to be a tactic designed to throw off the opposition.


  1. No doubt Seven are planning to code the first hour as “DWTS Launch” or similar to try and manipulate the figures into something that seems half respectable against The Voice.

  2. Will be watching Dancing with the Stars on Sunday night, great light hearted family viewing, just what is needed to get away from so many renovation, cooking and singing shows that are on night after night after night. Hope it rates well this year as it was not so popular last year, lets hope the new host and new judge bring good luck to the show, we certainly don’t want to loose such a well produced production from our screens..

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