John Paul Young first to go in Dancing with the Stars


He may have had some Strictly Ballroom in his DNA but it proved to be no help to 70s singer John Paul Young who last night was the first celebrity to be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

JPY lost out with a score of 47 points, by just a point below Lynette Bolton’s 48 points.

Fittingly, he went out performing (barely) to Love is in the Air.

Former MKR contestant Ash Pollard finished in first place with 68 points, while radio presenter Emma Freedman was close behind on 66.


    • It is Seven’s iconic, tentpole show that has been highly successful for 10 years. They may have to write this season off if it doesn’t improve in ratings over the next month, particularly as it is up against The Voice. Shane Bourne is a misfire, for sure. He does not have the right energy for the role and whoever made the decision to move the band off site from the dance floor deserves to have their face slapped – hard. What a stupid thing to do, it is not as though they use the band area, it is just sitting there, vacant. A big, fat boo from me, bring Chong and the band in from the cold next season, please.

  1. Shane Bourne is a dud, I predict that he won’t last past this season. He appears to be really uncomfortable, his jokes consistently fall flat and there is no chemistry or spark whatsoever with Edwina – they are forcing it and it is excruciating to watch. Not sure if Andrew O’Keefe was up for the role, but I think he’d be perfect for it, but Shane is woeful, he really doesn’t belong there.

  2. daveinprogress

    Really disappointed with Shane Bourne. Apart from that erroneous intro, he really lacks the sparkle required. Giving him the benefit of first night adjustment; he and Edwina have zero chemistry and seem to be on two different shows. Maybe it is an altogether tougher gig than it looks. Daryl and Dan make it look easy. I like Shane, he’s funny, but the role calls for a sharper and zippier energy. Love Emma and Larry and Matt Mitcham.

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