New cast members join Jack Irish


Claudia Karvan and Marcus Graham will feature in the next instalment of Jack Irish.

They join returning cast Guy Pearce, Marta Dusseldorp, Shane Jacobson, Aaron Pedersen and Roy Billing.

In the six-part series Jack’s mysterious new client goes missing before he meets her and he is soon caught up in a murderous web of powerful vested interests, that stretches from his home town turf of Fitzroy to a remote village in Mindanao, Philippines.

Series producer Ian Collie of Essential Media & Entertainment, says, “It is comforting to be back in Jack’s world again with his close and loyal mates like punters Harry and Cam; the on-again, off-again relationship with journo Linda; Charlie the grumpy German cabinetmaker; and of course the Fitzroy Youth Club who still remain firmly welded to their stools at the Prince of Prussia pub. But the outside modern world, with its sinister and corrupt dealings, will drag Jack back into its vortex. And Jack has never been good with the modern world!”

Carole Sklan, ABC TV’s Head of Fiction, says, “It’s a dangerous world. We’ve missed the dry humour, disarming charm and eccentric characters of Jack Irish. We are delighted to have Guy Pearce and the brilliant Jack Irish team creating a major new drama series for the ABC”.

Written by Andrew Knight, Matt Cameron and Andrew Anastasios, series directors are Kieran Darcy Smith, Mark Joffe and Daniel Nettheim.

The series starts production in Melbourne on Monday, August 10 and will air on ABC next year.


  1. harrypotter1994

    So why does every show have to be written, directed and star women in the major roles? Quite a lot of Aussie shows recently have had a women as the lead and there are women directing and writing shows, not sure what the issue is?

  2. Shame on you ABC and Essential Media – writers and directors are all men. What would Meryl Streep and Geena Davis have to say about that gender bias? And if you don’t know what that means, look it up people!

    I’ve always thought this show was blokey…probably why it’s never quite worked.

    • Well just add Claudia Karvan as a potential new love interest and the problem will be solved! Said no female producer/writer/director ever.

  3. Have the audience really missed Jack Irish? Guy Pearce is curiously miscast in this role and has no on-screen chemistry with Marta Dussledorp, who has the lead role in yet another returning ABC drama. It’s going to be pretty hard to get excited by next year’s drama on the ABC because we’ve seen it all before. That’s the problem with playing it so safe.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Yep. Can’t really speak for the series because I only ever saw the first ep of the first one but I thought it was a bit too cliched and hokey. Occasionally I felt that Sam Spade was going to start narrating and talk about dames and broads. It wasn’t bad but it was also not good enough for me to be bothered with it.

      And I’m a fan of Guy Pearce. Just not in this.

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