Nine reviving Australia’s Got Talent. Renewed: The Voice.


Here we go again.

Nine has announced it is bringing back Australia’s Got Talent in 2016, the reality series it ran for one season in 2013.

The series will be produced by FremantleMedia Australia under the helm of experienced producer, Julie Ward with the studio component based in Melbourne.

FremantleMedia Australia & Asia CEO, Ian Hogg, says: “Got Talent is a world-class format and Julie is a world-class creative. It’s a powerful combination.”

Auditions for the series are open from today at Hosts and judges are yet to be confirmed.

Nine has also renewed The Voice for a fifth season after just six episodes.

Mark Fennessy, CEO of Shine Australia, said today: “The Voice is a certified global smash which continues to deliver outstanding ratings and a brilliant second-screen experience. Together with our partners at Nine, we’re delighted to commence work even earlier in building on that success in 2016.”

Applications will open later in the year.

Nine Network’s Director of Television, Michael Healy, said: “We are thrilled to be bringing The Voice and Australia’s Got Talent to screens again in 2016. Working alongside Shine Australia and FremantleMedia, we look forward to continuing the success of these globally renowned formats here with Australian audiences.”


  1. Justsaying..

    Glad to hear AGT is coming back! Hope Kyle & Timomatic return with 2 new judges- would be great if they could get Tina Arena & someone from Overseas to boost the ratings- maybe Julia has a busy schedule to host….

  2. Reality is relentless now – watching more and more scripted drama but none of it from Seven, Nine or Ten.

    It’d all be ok if they could stick to 2-3 hours a week per show and run 7.30-8.30 not 7.30 until 9-whatever they feel like…

  3. Australia has got talent but why only show us the entertainment side? The ABC’s “Blood and Thunder” showed us the talent on the other side of the mic. Talent isn’t only on shiny floors. On Karaoke nights the wannabees get up and do their thing, go home with a warm and fuzzy feeling, helped by alcohol, but the next day they’re back to flipping burgers! If it helps them get through life, so be it, but I avoid karaoke and the warblers on talent shows. Magicians…that’s another story!

  4. I don’t hate the thought of AGT coming back as there really isn’t anything else like it on our screens currently in a local version. I had a feeling this would happen after the American Version was tried on the main channel IIRC but continued to rate well on GO!. I guess the fact that the treatment the show has had over the year with being axed twice by different networks and then disappearing after 1 season on 9 hasn’t been the best and the name is slightly tarnished now with viewers, be interesting to see how they go. This will all depend of course on who they get to host the show as well as the judges, I doubt we will see Julia back as the Host given she will likely be committed with I’m a Celeb.

      • Fair enough, Bugg. I just have a strong aversion to talent shows and Nine haven’t been pushing any of my buttons with their overall programming in a few years. I watch more on SBS and ABC.

  5. Expect a lot of Reality TV from Nine next year that will be the short series format. Australia’s Got Talent will be one of them. As far as Aussie drama I find it amazing that the networks can use New Zealand content as Aussie content!! I read something that Ten was using 4% NZ as Aussie, Seven was using 7% NZ as Aussie and I started laughing when I read 9 was using 51% NZ as Aussie, no that’s correct and they can get away with it!!

  6. The Things I've Seen.

    I am not a fan of AGT returning. If they want to do it, can we get some amazing judges and an awesome host/s.
    I would suggest for the host they use two people, it seems that AGT needs it. How about David Campbell as one of the hosts?

  7. Why should this be a surprise? There have always been talent shows, why should they stop now. Has there ever been any one year where there wasn’t one.

      • Yeah but lower numbers now could lead to even lower numbers (around 1mill or less) by the time the spiny chair round is over, which I think is hardly renewable given the big dollar cotracts for the jugdes/mentors/whatever they call it.

  8. way too soon for AGT, the show has been axed twice, by 2 different networks in the last 4 years. I always suspected we hadn’t seen the last of it, but I think it needs atleast 5 years off screen.

    In 2013 9 promised a fresh, revitalised take on the format, but instead they delivered something that had regressed 10 years in its dagginess. hopefully they have learned and deliver something much better. decision #1 has to be to dump the american logo and go back to the British one.

  9. If the networks wanted so much reality show, could they at least do something different other then regular Talent, Cooking and Reno line up. (Personally I am an advocate for a Revival of a local Survivor, with actual production value)

    • The Things I've Seen.

      Yes! Bring back Survivor. But only if they do it properly and not cut corners. They need to find the right host and get a group with diversity. Actually if they can give me the money, resources and a reasonable time slot, I will make it.

      • Can I join you. 🙂 I have also been thinking of ways it could be done at least decently while on a reasonable budget. (The main idea that I was thinking of is if they share a location/equipment with another Survivor edition)

        • The Things I've Seen.

          It’s been said numerous times that the producers of the U.S version want to film in Australia again, but can’t due to the cost.
          So the solution, the U.S producers join with a production company from Australia and film in Australia using a “Home vs Away” theme where one tribe is U.S contestants and the other are Aussies.
          The U.S get to film in Australia again. Win for them.
          We get a sort of Aussie season, win for us.
          Plus the company, if smart, will have a clause in their contract to have the first rights to doing a full Australian season. This way giving the producers a sort of practice season, plus learning how to do the show properly.

          • I meant just sharing. Ie, one edition films a season on the island, then another films their season. But your idea also works.

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