Renewed: South Park


South Park will continue for another 5 years as part of a mammoth deal between Comedy Central and Hulu.

This adds three more years to the two further seasons already in place.

Hulu will pay Viacom and the show’s creative team $192 million over five years, according to Hollywood Reporter. The show targets a vital digital demographic and is a key element in building the streaming network’s competitive position against Netflix and Amazon.

For Comedy Central and its parent Viacom, its 50/50 split with the show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, represents one of the first instances where digital monies will underwrite current production costs.

For Stone and Parker, who will continue to write and direct every episode — with $110 million earmarked for the creative team over the five-year period — it’s a capstone of an 18-year show run that will raise South Park to a more than 300-episode library and a long-term, if not permanent, television franchise.

It is also for Stone and Parker something of a vindication of their efforts to crack the digital code for television, both in their early decision to hold on to streaming rights, and in their part in television’s digital piracy battles.

Parker recently said: “We’ve thought that for 18 years, ‘They’re gonna cancel us for sure’. We’re waiting to get cancelled for 18 f***ing years.”

Meanwhile their Book of Mormon musical launched on Broadway in 2011, has been staged at London’s West End, with an Australian production arriving in 2017.


  1. A work colleague lent me a copy just recently of a South Park doco called “Six Days To Air” which incredibly shows Trey and Matt making one episode from coming up with an idea to finished product in just six days. They literally handed it to the network hours before air so I guess they don’t have to have Network screenings like all other shows before hand. Or they didn’t put that bit in the doco. Book of Mormon won nine Tony’s and a Grammy so curious to see it.

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