10 plans to build on Shake

"There will be some minor schedules on Shake in the coming weeks and months," says 10.

While 10 BOLD finishes another week as the top multichannel, new kid on the block 10 Shake has some way to go for Network 10.

The channel launched in September targeting kids to 6pm followed by viewers under 40 in primetime, built around ViacomCBS titles: The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, South Park, Teen Mom Australia and more.

Last week its share was 0.7% -the lowest of all commercial multichannels.

10 Head of Programming Daniel Monaghan tells TV Tonight there’s still some work to do in Primetime.

“Clearly, the daytime has been really solid with kids products, especially titles like Paw Patrol. There will be some minor schedules on Shake in the coming weeks and months. But we will get there. We got there with BOLD to become the number one multichannel. Peach is having an exceptional time. So we’ll get there with Shake.”

The most successful primetime shows on Shake are South Park, Catfish, and stand-up comedy specials.

“We’ve got both local and American stand-up comedy. Unsurprisingly, the fresher Comedy specials always seem to work better, unless there’s a really famous person in a retro special.

Wipeout is also doing quite well in the early evening slots as well.”

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  1. I don’t know why 10, WIN Queensland, and Fetch TV haven’t come to an agreement, to broadcast 10 SHAKE via the Fetch TV PVR?

    At the moment, regional TV viewers of 9 RUSH, can see the channel via their Fetch TV unit. All that seems missing, the channel isn’t listed in the TV Guide.

  2. “the daytime has been really solid with kids products” but none are in the top 20 which is mainly filled by ABC Kids shows. (A sad indictment of all our multi-channel offerings.)
    10 Bold must be concerned about viewer fatigue of NCIS repeats as they’re sandwiched between Bluey and Peppa Pig in the ratings. The onscreen deaths of Caitlin Todd and Jenny Shepard have been shown so often it’s like 10 have a video ouija board.

    1. Everyone always focuses too much on total people. A movie has a long run time, that’s why you always see higher shares for a channel whenever they’re on, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing good in key demos (remember 10 Shake has a target and advertisers too), which I’m guessing is what Mr Monaghan was referring to with “Wipeout”, “South Park” and the daytime kids shows.

  3. Not really in the demo for this one – and less Corden is best Corden – but it’s a depressing reminder that WIN would rather pollute the regionals with SKY News and its Stepford presenters than provide content for kids.

  4. 10 really should have just worked their ViacomCBS acquisitions into repeat land 10 Peach rather than launching a new channel in an already minuscule market. There is no reason why the schedule should be filled with double episodes of decades old (or just outright crappy) sitcoms. Three episodes of Friends on weeknights? Five episodes of Mom and 2 Broke Girls in a row?

    There is ample room for all of 10 Shake’s current offerings on Peach, but if they’re still insistent on trying to build on their 0.7% share, then all the power to them. I’m astounded that Peach even manages a 3% share with their offerings (often besting the other multichannels).

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