Ruby Rose guest stars in Dark Matter

Not just Orange is the New Black, now Ruby Rose dips her toe into sci-fi.


Ruby Rose’s star continues to rise in the US, with a guest appearance coming on Syfy’s Dark Matter.

Rose, who has been creating impact through Orange is the New Black, will play Wendy, an entertainment android who was designed and built for fun. After she comes to life, she charms the ship’s crew with both her ability to cook and her sexual prowess — but something will go wrong. Very, very wrong.

Even Entertainment Weekly says of her, “Can’t get enough of Orange Is the New Black hottie Ruby Rose? Neither can we.”

Dark Matter is also airing in Australia on Syfy.

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  1. I’ve been watching this and it’s ok. Its saving grace is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously which means that I can gloss over things like airlock doors not being closed properly and them taking out entire squads of fully-armoured police/soldiers with hand weapons while standing out from cover.

  2. I’m enjoying Dark Matter and looking forward to Ruby Rose. The show also has David Hewlett and Wil Wheaton guest starring in upcoming episodes.

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