Sarah Harris announces pregnancy on-air

Congrats to Sarah Harris, and partner Tom Ward, who revealed happy news to her colleagues on Studio 10 this morning.

“I’m having a baby!” she declared.

“I’ve been trying to hide it very unsuccessfully because the audience keep picking up on it.”

The baby is due on Christmas Day but she hopes to learn the sex of the baby before then.

“I feel like it’s got a couple of fairy godmothers and a fairy godfather and a little family that it’s been born in to.”


  1. Congratulations Sarah!
    The front runner to fill in would be Natarsha Belling?

    Or is it time to try some other hosts? If it was filmed in Melbourne, you could easily suggest Chrissie Swan or Gorgi Coghlan.

    Perhaps Jess Rowe could step up to the main chair? Despite mainly female audience, I wonder if a male will ever get a shot?

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