11.9% share for GEM as Ashes give Nine the night


The fifth Ashes test drew 600,000 / 333,000 viewers last night securing GEM a huge 11.9% share.

Whilst it was down on the fourth test at 14.7% share, Nine’s sports dominated network viewing last night, with NRL and The Footy Show.

But it was still a good night for The Bachelor, winning its timeslot with 817,000 viewers. Meanwhile Seven’s Restaurant Revolution, which closes its pop-up restaurants this weekend, hit a new low of just 298,000. The rest of the night was much of a muchness.

Nine network won easily with 34.9% then Seven 24.1%, TEN 19.4%, ABC 16.15 and SBS 5.6%.

Nine News (1.07m / 1.02m) tops the night for the fourth night in a row for Nine then A Current Affair (867,000), Hot Seat (581,000) and The Footy Show (571,000). Thursday Night NRL was 410,000 in 2 cities, Inside Story was 251,000 in 3 cities and King’s Cross ER was 241,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (925,000 / 904,000) topped the night for Seven then Home and Away (656,000), Border Security International (464,000) and Million Dollar Minute (419,000). Restaurant Revolution hit a new low of 298,000.

The Bachelor won its timeslot with 817,000 for TEN. The Project was 593,000 / 384,000, Law and Order: SVU was 502,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 489,000 and Zoo was 221,000.

ABC News (890,000), 7:30 (690,000), Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? (464,000), The Honourable Woman (426,000), Antiques Roadshow (308,000) and Catastrophe (257,000) comprised ABC.

On SBS it was Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook Melbourne (247,000), Ainsley Harriet’s Street Food (217,000), Luke Nguyen’s France (217,000) and SBS World News (119,000). Masters of Sex was 85,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 20 August 2015.


  1. Channel 10 will be happy that season 2 of The Bachelor has no way tarnished its reputation. Good on 10 to maintain some good ratings and winning in all the demos last night.

  2. harrypotter1994

    Watched the usual nightly pre 8pm shows (Fued, Project 6.30 and H&A) then caught up on a very old Grey’s still sitting on the PVR Ep 3 of S11 as we only had 1% space left. Serious catchup in order this weekend I think

  3. Mr game show fan

    When Antiques Roadshow beats Restaurant Revolution by 10,000 viewers, Seven have got to be asking themselves “Why is this shit on our network?”

    David, feel free to cut the swear word out if needed.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Yeah, Gyllenhaal was a standout. I don’t mind slow burn but there were a couple of points, the first and last scenes, where people’s behaviour didn’t ring true. I’ll still be back next week.

    • Having seen all of the Honourable Woman I would have to say hang in there….I was underwhelmed at the first episode but something made me go back and ended up watching the whole series.

  4. Tried yet again to watch Restaurant Revulsion but it truly is terrible. I don’t think there is any element of this Frankenstein of a show that works.

    It’s a 0/10 from me.

    • Really? Surely they should just leave it, there can’t be long to go (I hope). The show is pretty terrible, but I’ve invested in too many episodes to give up now.

    • I’m still watching zoo. Its surprisingly still keeping my attention. It seems to be leading somewhere let’s just hope it gets there soon. Only 5 episodes to go. I saw that it had moved to 10.30pm on the windows phone tenplay app. Terrible experience trying to watch zoo on the windows phone tenplay app. The episode kept stuttering making it hard to follow the dialogue, but the dialogue in the ads worked perfectly. Also 8 ads in an ad break is a bit much.

      • Maev....Sydney

        Strange…I find that also with a number of catchup sites…shows can be difficult to watch…black screen…stopping starting…lip sync out…but ads are just fine…weird that….

  5. A good night of viewing for a change. Watched ‘Who’s Been Sleeping in My House?’ Really enjoy this show. Then the cricket on GEM with the Aussies doing well.

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