Nine to film panel pilot with Karl Stefanovic

A well-produced Live panel show would make sense on Nine's schedule.


Karl Stefanovic has confirmed industry chatter about a new primetime panel show in development at Nine.

A pilot is due to be filmed in mid-September.

“They are taking thing slowly and doing it right, which is good,” Stefanovic told the Herald Sun.

“They want to get the combinations right, I don’t know who they have locked in exactly.

“I think it will be a bit of fun, a bit like Q & A with a bit of commercial sensibility.”

As previously noted, Free to Air is under-selling one of its key attributes being Live television.

With viewers complaining of too much reality, and fragmenting of audiences, a well-produced talk show would be a boon to Nine’s schedule, and Live TV is part of their DNA. Q & A attracts plenty of attention for ABC as The Project does for TEN -including with considerable press and social media coverage.

Short of reviving a Graham Kennedy / Clive Robertson late-night news format, this is idea is definitely worth exploring.

… and we still miss The Panel!


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  1. The Panel was great. There was a great chemistry amongst a team that knew each other well. It did not rate well initially but the audience warmed to it to become success for TEN. There were a few “panel” show imitations that appeared on other networks at the time but they failed as there was no chemistry “on set”

    Would love to see “The Panel” return but Working Dog do not seem run their shows for very many seasons. Even “The Panel” did not air full seasons in it it’s later years. Ten need to get Working Dog produce more shows for them as a way of reviving the network. Would love to see Thank God Your Here Return too.

    1. I think Thank God You’re Here would rate its socks off if came back on air. It’s the type of TV I think audiences are looking for. Not reality, not on multiple times a week, a good laugh. I’d also like to see a late night weekly talk show similar to Rove Live back on the air.

    1. Yes The Panel was the best. The key to that show was the cast. Nine have probably seen how well The Project is doing in the demos and want a piece of that pie. Not sure if Karl has the cool cred that Rob Sitch, Waleed Ali and Charlie Pickering have but good luck to them for having a go. I really think the 10 30 pm slot is the go.

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