Oops. Online betting tips Cats to topple Cooks (but it’s Dogs next week)


Online betting company Sportsbet has gotten so carried away with the success of Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud they have opened up bets for Seven’s Cats to topple Nine’s Hotplate.

It has the Cats running at $1.30 to outrate Hotplate at $5.00, and poor old Restaurant Revolution at $7.50.

Just one problem. The cats are not actually scheduled next week.

Instead it’s Dogs Make You Laugh Out Loud.

With the winner being “the highest rating episode in the week of 16 – 22 August, according to the OzTAM 5 City Metro aggregate ratings” that should mean a bet on Hotplate would pay off big time.

Given Hotplate also airs on two other nights, it could still topple the Cats, I mean Dogs, in the weekly results.

I don’t think Sportsbet has a very adept way of determining TV ratings for their books.

Gamble responsibly!


  1. Technically you should win if you put money on hotplate or restaurant revolution, because the cats arent showing. Wonder if they will cancel the market completely

  2. Ah dear, yes good old sportsbet – don’t dare win too much on these otherwise your account will have strange things happen to it, bets stopped being taken, or very limited to the point that you only will get a max payout of $10-$20….. 6months to get paid out…. i gave up

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