Returning: Nurse Jackie


At long last Nurse Jackie is returning to screens, for her seventh and final season.

It returns at the very late time of 12:10am Monday September 7th (or Sunday night if you prefer). Be sure to set your PVR!

Picking up with her arrest, Jackie suffers through detox. Anticipating a heated battle with Gloria Akalitus, Jackie seeks help from a lawyer with her return to All Saints.

It’s a shame the series has not been given an earlier timeslot given ELEVEN’s schedule desperately needs some edgy content.

These episodes premiered in the US in April.


  1. I’d hope it might follow Californication but this is OK. Last year Nurse Jackie got dumped back to December. This is earlier and only 6 months after the end of S6 air on Eleven. Often networks sit on rights for a year.

    An earlier timeslot would like mean it goes up against something else I like to watch. Regular repeats of popular shows is what secondary FTA and basic cable channels are full of because it works best. A lot of interesting stuff (Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, 30 Rock) is on late for a few insomniacs to watch and for fans to timeshift.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Way too late, both in terms of the start time and in taking 5 months to get around to finding some room in their repeat-infested schedule to show it. Eleven was a good channel when it started but I don’t watch it any more.

    • agreed, you would think they could have dumped some of their endess repeats of Frasier, King of Queens, Becker, Raymond etc to be able to fit in Nurse Jackie, the programming director should be sacked!

  3. Thanks David. I was only thinking about NJ the other day when you published the IMDB story regarding TV series finales. I’ve been waiting patiently for Eleven to programme the final season and have managed to avoid the temptations to obtain elsewhere. That timeslot is ridiculous given Eleven repeat so much of their ageing content. Time to set the PVR!

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