Seven downgrades Restaurant Revolution once again

Originally 4 nights a week, but Seven series will now air just 1 night next week.


Seven has pulled back on its Restaurant Revolution episodes for the second time -now due to air just one night a week.

The Reality series -originally due to air four nights a week- will now air just on Thursday next week, as a double episode at 8pm. Seven has dumped plans for a Monday night episode after disappointing figures this week of 522,000 viewers.

It will be replaced with Highway Patrol and Motorway Patrol at 7:30pm on Monday. Next Tuesday Seven has Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud (which is now attracting dubious press) plus Border Security / The Force on Wednesday.

The failure of the new show puts it into rare company, alongside shows such as Excess Baggage, The Mole, Celebrity Splash, where a network has had to cull its output and frantically reschedule after wholesale audience rejection.

But Seven may not be alone in a major schedule overhaul. If it wins a current legal battle against Nine, the Federal Court may order Nine to suspend further episodes of The Hot Plate.

Yesterday a judge announced he would decide on Thursday if Hot Plate was in breach of Seven’s copyright of My Kitchen Rules. A worst-case scenario for Nine could mean it is forced to replace the show -presumably with The Big Bang Theory.

Justice Nicholas was prepared to watch four hours of rival cooking formats before making his ruling.

“I won’t say I will gladly do it, but I will do it if you ask me to,” he said.

Tomorrow night’s Restaurant Revolution episode remains at 8pm.

Seven has been contacted for comment.

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  1. I’m not surprised RR was a flop. In the first episode half an hour was dedicated to contestants choosing what colour to paint their restaurants. Watching the paint dry would have been just as a riveting. If nothing interesting was happening they should have just cut less episodes or shorter episodes. It’s what Hotplate at least got right, shorter episodes means they’re cutting to interesting content, not just to fill space. Hotplate’s episodes are tight and have a sense of movement, they don’t drag like RR. The biggest mistake RR made though was not enough food. I think it took six hours of show just to finally see them cook. Us reality cooking show fans watch first and foremost because of the food. It was why Masterchef was back on top this year, because the food was amazing. Had they actually got people who made amazing food it would have been watchable. One team on that show…

    1. Also, Masterchef yet again refused to sink to tabloid selling squabbles, scandals and backstabbing keeping it on top of the genre’s game. I wish even Masterchef US would take a leaf out of our version’s feel good version.

  2. This looked terrible just from the promos. Upon watching some of Saturday’s 4.5 hour marathon encore it was addictive, not from being good but picking holes in the horrible casting and seeing 4 judges driving around in a corolla

  3. Mayne it is flopping because the restaurants may be flopping. There has been talk here about the cost of a fish dish in the Brisbane restaurant being $140. It is a shipping container next to the Qld Performing Arts Complex (not the side with river views either). How do they think the audience csn afford food like that.

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