Soft Sunday serve for TEN as The Voice dominates

Ratings: TEN sacrifices Sunday by keeping Spelling Bee for Monday, leaving it unable to compete against bigger entertainment guns.


TEN’s decision to hold off its Spelling Bee from Sunday to Monday has left it underperforming at the top of the week, but hoping to pick up ground tonight & tomorrow.

TEN finished fourth behind ABC in network shares, with its primary channel scoring under a 10% share. It was heavily overshadowed by the first Live show for The Voice, topping the night at 1.47m.

Both The Voice and Dancing with the Stars (707,000) were down on previous episodes despite being Live to air.

Nine won the night with 35.0% share then Seven 27.3%, ABC 16.8%, TEN 14.3% and SBS 6.6%.

Following The Voice for Nine was Nine News (1.46m). In an effort to massage end of year averages, 60 Minutes was erroneously coded into two titles (60 Minutes Late: 567,000 in 3 cities and 60 Minutes: 517,000 in 2 cities, totalling 1.08m). AD Kingdom and Empire was 338,000.

Seven News (1.37m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (1.04m) and Dancing with the Stars (707,000). Bones was 382,000.

Gold Coast Cops (550,000) was the best TEN could manage. Modern Family was 528,000 / 491,000, Bondi Rescue was 479,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 457,000, CSI: Cyber was 338,000 and a Madam Secretary replay was just 168,000.

Grand Designs (935,000) topped ABC’s night then ABC News (870,000), The Politician’s Husband (680,000) and Compass (314,000). A Silent Witness replay was 260,000 and The Book Club was 169,000.

On SBS it was Byzantium: The Tale of Three Cities (348,000), The Murder Trial (210,000), SBS World News (166,000) and Obama at War (119,000).

ABC2’s Charlie and Lola (144,000) led Sunday’s multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 2 August 2015

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  1. I don’t understand why CSI:Cyber don’t get stronger ratings numbers. IMO each episode’s subject matter is current and relevant.

    And I’m mystified why, when an episode has two Arquette sisters playing roles opposite each other, there is no network promotion. Surely knowing two Arquettes, playing women who are related by marriage, would make someone want to watch, increasing the viewing audience?

  2. Those are dire results for Ten on supposedly the biggest night of the week. Seems like they weren’t even trying last night. A 9% share is what they used to get on Saturdays when they were really down.

    Tonight they’re pinning their hopes on Spelling Bee up against the foodie clones on 7 and 9. What an unappetising selection. A fresh turd up against two reheated ones. I won’t be watching any of them.

        1. Yeah…maybe Humans. I would watch The Island, but my wife has already watched it, she found it on youtube for a while before it was pulled. She was also totally unimpressed with the female island…but there you go

  3. If l was Seven l would be extremely concerned for Dancing with the Stars considering Ten did have much to offer. Starting at 8pm will certainly spell the end of this show as it finished around 10pm. Considering their Bachelor show is rating reasonably well why not put in on Sunday Night but start it at 7pm not 7.30pm???

  4. I have to wonder with TEN, why not take the gamble now and put Scorpion on at 7:30pm, they had it on at 6:30pm before, so what not use a show they are sitting on as a point of difference. TEN were the ones years ago that took a gamble and got rid of movies on a Sunday and put Criminal Intent on and it worked out, so give it a go again.

    Sure if Free TV Australia get what they want and can have M Rated at 7:30pm, TEN could have CSI Cyber on then, however in the interim, how about giving the slot a go with Scorpion.

          1. Ten have not aired any new episodes of Scorpion this year. Its not like ten has an enormous amount of great shows not to have found a place to air it earlier. I didn’t mind the show but it isn’t exactly must watch tv. If ten returned the series at the start of the year I would’ve probably been a returning viewer. Ten’s choice to delay means they have lost a viewer.

          1. Hard to get a response out of them too victweety, we ordered the DVD, release date Sep/Oct15. Too easy who needs them?

  5. Im curious – what happened to “entertainment”?

    The wife and I played Chess last night. More thrilling than anything I saw on TV last night (I noted my Foxtel on Demand had downloaded Sharknado 3 for me – thank you Foxtel! You rock)

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