TV’s top Daytime shows

Never mind primetime, what are the top rating shows before 6pm?


Game Shows, News, Sport and Breakfast TV -they are the top rating daytime TV shows on the box.

The top TV show before 6pm last week was Hot Seat on Nine, averaging 635,000 viewers in Overnight numbers.

In second place was TEN Eyewitness News at 555,000 viewers (404,000 for Sunday and 346,000 for Saturday).

In third place was the lure of Seven’s Sunday Afternoon AFL on 509,000 viewers -just on 3 cities alone (423,000 in pre-game).

Million Dollar Minute ranked fourth at 463,000 viewers -a show that is supposedly set to be replaced.

Ever-popular US soap The Bold & the Beautiful took fifth spot at 371,000 viewers.

The weekend editions of Sunrise averaged higher than its weekday editions: Weekend Sunrise drew 358,000 on Sunday and 334,000 on Saturday (weekday average was 327,000). Weekend Today had 292,000 on Sunday and 291,000 on Saturday (in contrast weekday Today was higher at 306,000).

Other big sport drawcards were the Netball World Cup (353,000), Sunday Afternoon NRL (349,000 in 2 cities) and Sunday Footy Show (236,000).

Insiders was the best rating daytime show for ABC on 286,000 viewers, silencing all those ABC2 multichannel winners (plus another 72,000 on ABC News 24).

Hitler’s People was the best daytime performer for SBS on 138,000.

And in the battle between Dr. Phil and Ellen DeGeneresDr. Phil won with 124,000 to Ellen‘s 98,000.

Judge Judy was 155,000 at 3pm and Daily Edition was 97,000 at 2pm.

Overnight ratings 16 August – 22 August 2015 02:00 – 18:00
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  1. Thanks for adding this article. It’s good to see what some daytime shows rated.

    Good to see The Chase rate higher than Judge Judy. Would be interesting to see how the AUS version rates at 5pm, and if it gets higher than Million Dollar Minute.

    Daily Edition’s numbers don’t seem to be that high. But I guess its cheap to make, and the advertorials certainly help make it even more cheaper to make

  2. Always interesting to see how the non-primetime shows are doing. I’m surprised Dr Phil beats Ellen. It will be interesting to note how The Chase Australia does compared to The Chase UK, and if the UK version stays in the schedule after the local version launches, if the UK ratings drop.

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