1. Results shows are always a little torturous; little in the way of musical numbers other than guests, so a million viewers is still an ok figure. The winner there is Jess Mauboy, and hopefully continued chart sales for her single. Bieber’s already #1. The recaps and stretching of the results still could be better; they might look to American Idol and the way they mixed up from season to season how they reveal the results. I suspect more people like me will record shows like these and skim through the other bits.

  2. Another brilliant episode of 800 words. Im really enjoying it and last night we saw more emotion and learnt more about the family and it was a bit more serious.

  3. I agree with tvf about 800 words.It’s a bit formulaic and unorginal for me.It’s definitely Seachange lite for me.Still it’s good to see a scripted drama doing well in the ratings for a change,even if the show isn’t that good.

  4. ‘The Block continues to pip X Factor in the younger demos – despite the lure of Justin Bieber live.’

    That’s not really surprising. What’s really a surprise is the idea that an appearance by Justin Bieber would deliver a win for X Factor over The Block in younger demos. That’s hilarious in it’s own right.

    • When a reality show does well in the ratings networks will use that information to create 10 more reality shows. Unfortunately a drama show that does well in the ratings doesn’t have quite the same effect!

  5. Empire didn’t make the multichannel top 20 so I’m assuming it didn’t rate so well. 9.30pm was too late for it though. I thought the first episode was just ok. The 2nd half was an improvement on the first half but I left that episode not knowing where empire is headed this season. It really lacked direction and was at times confusing. Not a good start for season 2.

  6. Had nothing to watch yesterday early evening so I thought I would try 800 words thinking I might be surprised like I was when I tried a place to call home the week before. Not to be. I was bored throughout as it was very cliché and didn’t warm to any characters. Not in the class of a place to call home. I’m not opposed to NZ tv as I tried step dave earlier this year and liked it until it was yanked by 9 (gem) to never return but 800 words wasn’t as good as step dave. I know it was half aus/nz production but it felt like a NZ tv.

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