Airdate: The Verdict


As tipped by TV Tonight, Nine’s new panel show The Verdict, hosted by Karl Stefanovic starts 8.30pm on Thursday, October 8.

The hour-long program, will air over five weeks, with a panel tackling current events, studio audience questions and an in-depth interview with a newsmaker or celebrity. Viewers can also vote on topics via 9jump-in.

“I’m really looking forward to getting beyond the headlines with The Verdict. Each week on the panel we will canvass a range of opinions to reflect our society. I know our top-shelf production team will be carefully choosing topics and panellists to represent the broadest range of opinions on matters confronting us all – and I’m never lacking one, so I can’t wait to get amongst it,” Stefanovic said.

“Hold onto your hats, folks. It might get bumpy.”

Phil Goyen, Executive Producer said: “I’m really excited about this program and can’t wait for the debates, discussions and fun to begin. My hope is that each week the panellists and topics will spark conversations in living rooms around Australia.

“With social media driving so many issues, and with today’s ever-shorter news cycle, The Verdict will be the place for panellists and viewers to really explore big news stories and important issues beyond 140 characters.”

First panellists will be announced shortly.

A promo is running on Facebook.


    • Secret Squïrrel

      What are you talking about? Q&A isn’t “left-winged”. They have guests from both sides of politics plus plenty of central/neutral/can’t tells. One really has to wonder how a statement as demonstrably false as “ABC is left-leaning” (or even extreme-left / communist) is apparently still believed by right-whingers.

      • For an organisation where accusations of left-leaning bias are “demonstrably false”, left-wingers sure get butt hurt every time the station is criticised…

  1. If it follows a similar format to Studio 10 with a wide range of personalities and ages it could work as there is a much broader audience available at night to watch it. Can’t be too news focussed, everyone is over news by that time of night.

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