Bumped: Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Nightly Show.

Comedy Channel makes changes to its programming with US hosts.


Foxtel has advised of a timechange to Jimmy Kimmel Live which debuts tonight and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

Affected slots for The Comedy Channel have been updated as:

6.30 – South Park
7.00 – South Park
10.30 – @midnight
11.00 – Jimmy Kimmel Live
12.00 – The Nightly Show

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      1. Just cause their repeats doesn’t mean they wouldn’t rate as well as a 10:30pm express screening (unfortunately I have no ratings figures to back up my argument and it is only conjecture). Besides, a repeat of a show shown in late night the night before is better than a repeat of a sitcom which has already been played over a dozen times.

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