‘Live’ Coronation Street episode for UKTV

A Live to Air episode of Corrie will screen in Australia next month.


A Live to Air episode of Coronation Street has gone to air in the UK to mark 60 years of ITV.

In Episode 8740 it’s Roy’s 60th birthday, but after events in Blackpool he is nowhere to be found.

It took the cast and crew two weeks of rehearsals to pull off the feat, which has gone over well with fans on social media. But it isn’t the first time the show has attempted such, with 2000 and 2010 Live eps. Fellow soaps Emmerdale and Eastenders have also staged Live eps.

Here are some stats on what it took to get this episode to air:

– Number of full run-throughs before live – 4
– Rehearsal days – 12
– Number of technical crew members – 260
– Number of production office staff – 180
– Number of cast members – 47
– Number of background artistes – 85
– Number of weeks to learn the script before rehearsal – 2
– Miles of cabling: 15
– Hidden BTS cameras: 10
– Scheduled crew hours: 112
– Number of camera shots in the Live Episode: Close to 600

This episode will air in Australia on Friday October 23rd on UKTV.

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  1. The audio glitch was brilliant. Looked like he was miming along to Taylor Swift.

    It would’ve been great to see Neighbours do a live episode on Ten for the 30th anniversary. Could’ve tied in nicely with the 30th anniversary special that aired.

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