Neck and neck on Sunday night

Ratings: The Block wins its timeslot and Dancing with the Stars rises -just 0.1% split Nine & Seven.


There will be sighs of relief at Nine today that The Block has had a respectable launch. After so much renovation fatigue it must have been nervous times.

The show launched to 1.07m viewers, just enough to win its timeslot over Sunday Night‘s 1.05m.

Direct comparisons to previous launches are more complicated. It was well ahead of 860,000 for Triple Threat, which launched in January against a Nick Kyrgios Australian Open match. But it was also down on The Glasshouse’s 1.37m in July 2014. However both those debuts were also simulcast on multichannels, whereas last night’s was not. Given all of the above, it’s a good start.

Without The Voice, Dancing with the Stars saw a big lift, from 671,000 last week to 867,000.

In the end just 0.1% split the two rivals.

Nine network won with 30.0% then Seven 29.9%, ABC 17.6%, TEN 15.6% and SBS 6.9%.

Nine News (1.28m) topped the night for Nine then 60 Minutes (1.14m), The Block (1.07m) and Inside the Ku Klux Klan (594,000). AD Kingdom and Empire was just 172,000.

Seven News (1.18m) led for Seven then Sunday Night (1.05m), Dancing with the Stars (867,000) and Bones (389,000).

Grand Designs (866,000), ABC News (808,000), Vera (666,000) and Compass (326,000) comprised ABC’s night.

TEN was unable to rise above 500,000 all night. Scorpion returned to 469,000. Modern Family was 457,000 / 388,000, CSI Cyber was 366,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 337,000 and NCIS was just 281,000.

On SBS it was The Sugar Conspiracy (294,000), The Incas: Masters of the Clouds (272,000), SBS World News (166,000) and Grand Tours of Scotland (113,000).

ABC2’s Charlie and Lola topped multichannels at 207,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 6 September 2015

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  1. And that is why you don’t schedule DWTS against The Voice, Seven. This season could have returned some very respectable numbers if they had given it the opportunity to (hopefully the lesson has been learned for next time).

  2. Slightly different feel to The Block last night. A little less padding and setting up and a little less Scott Cam in set to camera pieces. Expecting this will be a trend this season to edit the shows down each night and try to arrest the fatigue element to some extent.

    1. Yes.
      I am watching The Block this week just out of idle curiosity to have a look at the infamous old building they’re doing up and the new bunch of contestants.
      So far so boring ! Same old, same old.

      Then I intend on switching over to the X Factor when it starts next Sunday night.
      I expect many viewers may do the same.

  3. Channel 10 deserves the low ratings for scorpion. It should not have been held off for so long. I was not a returning viewer. It was ok when I watched it last year but not good enough to put up with 10 not airing it in a timely fashion.

    Watched 60 minutes last night live at the 8.25pm start despite being promoted at 8.20pm with a group of people who were also annoyed at the 5 minute delay. The fluff piece at the end of the episode with supermodels was terrible and pointless and didn’t belong on 60 minutes, maybe more current affair territory.

  4. That is quite the jump for Dancing. I wonder how this series would have gone away from The Voice. Last night was incredible. The talent this season has been unbelievable. Any one of them could win.

    What a poor night for Ten.

  5. Was surprised to see the numbers for The Block launch, really thought viewers would be over these renovation shows by now, with three alone having aired on channel 9 this year, will be interesting to see it maintains the audience and for how long.

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