Seven off key on Thursday

Ratings: Not even Ed Sheeran was enough for Seven's night, with Restaurant Revolution limping to the finish line.


Not even Ed Sheeran in Summer Bay was enough to stop Seven from losing audience last night with horrendous numbers for Restaurant Revolution, limping to the finish line.

Thursday was its third night in a row under a million viewers, with Restaurant Revolution down to a dismal 275,000 viewers. Home and Away‘s 677,000 was lower than last Thursday’s 708,000 despite its star cameo.

TEN’s Bachelor, again strong with 942,000 viewers, was nearly enough for the network to snatch second -it missed by just 0.1%.

While ABC also had problems from 8:30 in the end it was no contest for Nine, well ahead of the pack an buoyed by Live NRL.

Nine Network was 33.5% then Seven 22.3%, TEN 22.2%, ABC 15.1% and SBS 6.9%.

Nine News (1.01m / 995,000) topped the night for Nine then A Current Affair (801,000), The Footy Show (663,000), NRL (631,000 in 2 cities), Hot Seat (563,000) and Kings Cross ER (305,000 in 3 cities).

Seven News (941,000 / 888,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (677,000), Million Dollar Minute (488,000), Border Security International (431,000). Restaurant Revolution was just 275,000.

The Bachelor (942,000) won its timeslot for TEN. The Project was 653,000 / 479,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 524,000, Law and Order: SVU was 454,000 / 304,000.

ABC News (828,000) ranked first on ABC followed by 7:30 (633,000), Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? (457,000), Antiques Roadshow (326,000), The Honourable Woman (314,000) and Catastrophe (182,000).

On SBS it was Ainsley Harriott’s Street Food and Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook Melbourne (both 228,000), Luke Nguyen’s France (176,000), World Cup Qualifier (164,000) and SBS World News (146,000).

Big Bang was best on multichannels at 285,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 3 September 2015.

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  1. As I predicted here a while back, “Home and Away” is destined for the earlier evening slot or Seven 2. The days of these kids soaps are over and for someone who keeps an eye on it from time to time, its storylines have dwindled to repeating stories with different characters. Its 30th anniversary is coming up. Why not wind it up on a big bang. I see Ray Meagher and Lynne McGranger are written out at the moment and surely they must want to escape permanently soon. Its the by product of a different time and its correct Seven promote it badly and weeks in advance which confuses viewers.

  2. As a lifelong fan of home and away I was over the moon when those river boy clowns started dwindling out of the show. Seems an almight majority wouldn’t agree with me though, because since then their numbers have been the only thing dwindling..

  3. I still think a 60 min episode on a Thurs has irreparably damaged the brand. Still dunno why Better Home has to air for over 60 mins, it used to tuck nicely in to a Friday evening, (never ever watched when it was stretched beyond 60mins).
    Plus I agree the advertising for H&A is often too far in advance people don’t know when to bother.

    1. Well they’ve lost another viewer between 5 and 6PM by axing Deal or No Deal and MDM. I’m predicting The Chase will be another Restaurant Revolution-esque train wreck and will attract lower ratings than DOND and MDM.

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