Seven to fast-track US titles

Amazing Race joins the list of confirmed fast-tracked shows coming to Seven.


Seven has confirmed it will fast-track a number of new and returning US shows in September and October.

The Amazing Race joins the list of confirmed shows.

While Seven hasn’t confirmed any dates as yet, here are their US dates:

Blindspot – U.S. Sept 21
Heroes Reborn– U.S. Sept 24
The Player – U.S. Sept 24
Grey’s Anatomy S12 – U.S. Sept 24
How to Get Away with Murder S2 – U.S. Sept 24
The Amazing Race S27 – U.S. Sept 25
Quantico – U.S. Sept 27
The Blacklist S3 – U.S. Oct 1

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  1. S3 The Blacklist, definitely, not on 7 though on DVD, Heroes Reborn and The Player (Wesley Snipes, definitely worth a look) as always watch the first eps and if it passes our rigorous testing then we get the DVD’s.

  2. Why are the new shows fast tracked to follow a reality show which ends over time and a different time forcing the show airing next to start at a different each week. if it is to keep viewers watching the one channel, its not working in fact it is the opposite if you don’t know when a show will start you are less likely to watch the show.

    1. Exactly. It was the ridiculous and unnecessarily variable start times for the shows that I wanted to watch on commercial FTA that forced me to seek alternatives. And, as I’ve said before, now that I’m used to watching 3 x 42 min shows in a little over 2 hours, I ain’t coming back.

    2. Exactly reality shows and news all get a regular start time but drama is always variable. Tired of free to air networks treating drama viewers like crap and anything post 8.30pm is now straight to the pvr for viewing later instead of hour long news and ridiculously long multiple episodes of reality shows.

    3. Geez, people on this site have continuously complained US shows weren’t being fast tracked now that one channel decides to fast-track a bunch of them people are still complaining. The hypocrisy is just so rife.

      1. I won’t speak for the others but I wasn’t complaining about fast-tracking – I am in favour of that, even if there will occasionally be gaps due to schedule breaks in the US (or wherever). I was simply supporting Nathan’s concern about not knowing when a particular show will start because of the puerile games played by (in this example) Seven’s program scheduler.

  3. Thanks for such detailed info channel 7! One week out from these shows and you can’t even give a day and time they will air. Not sure who is doing your scheduling at the moment but maybe they need to have a sit down meeting with the boss and re asses their position if they only do half the job.

  4. The Amazing Race at 7.30 Thursday on 7 or 7mate would go well I think without The Block as competition. In the past it just feels as if they stick it in a gap, this could get a good following if treated right.

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