Airdate: Car Crash TV. Returning: Surveillance Oz


It’s a term often used to mean viewers just can’t look away -if not always for the right reasons- but next week Seven will premiere new UK observational series Car Crash TV.

Thursday November 5
8:00pm Surveillance Oz: Dashcam ’CC’ Nov 5
Every day thousands of dashcam cameras in cars are monitoring what goes on across the roads of Australia.Tonight, see the shocking accidents, road rage incidents and dangerous driving on our roads.

8:30pm Mighty Cruise Ships: Norwegian Breakaway: The Voyage
Climb aboard for an exclusive look at some of the most amazing cruise liners in the world.

9:30pm Car Crash TV
In the first episode of this brand new series, the art of driving is explored with the help of some staggering, hilarious and down right terrifying examples of how not to drive.

The Amazing Race follows at 10:30pm.

Meanwhile next Wednesday November 4 there is no new episode of The Player or Heroes Reborn both replaced with a movie, Quantum of Solace (rpt).

Aquarius episodes finish their run on Tuesday nights from 11:35pm next week.


  1. andrewb – we are nearly there already. FTA commercial tv = Commercial FM radio with pictures!

    Don’t despair – there’s still good stuff actually being made – its just not on FTA tv anymore….

  2. I knew this would ultimately happen with Heroes Reborn on Seven. Really enjoying it so far…

    Free to air programming just gets worse by the day with all these clip type shows and UK imports and repeats or movies – lazy programming that changes every week reacting to the slightest variance in ratings.

    The more they do program like this, the less people are going to bother even trying anything new and the less new shows are going to rate – to the point where the networks won’t bother airing anything new at all – nightly TV will be nothing but nightly realities, UK imports, clip shows, and repeats with the odd hopeful Oz drama thrown in for luck if you’re lucky.

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