Another Stefanovic joins Today

Peter Stefanovic to become news presenter on Weekend Today as Wendy Kingston begins maternity leave.

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Today just got itself a second Stefanovic, with reporter Peter Stefanovic to become a news presenter on Weekend Today.

He will fill in for Wendy Kingston while she takes maternity leave, but the role will be permanent.

Keeping things in the ‘family’ his girlfriend Sylvia Jeffreys also reads the news on the weekday edition.

Stefanovic will continue to be a contributor to 60 Minutes, as well as work regular news shifts through the week on top of his Weekend Today commitments.

He begins tomorrow.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. Using siblings to try and cash in on the more famous / better looking family member is nothing new… honestly what ” careers ” would have mimi mcpherson or antonia kidman have had without their big sisters?
    Would Peter really be doing this without his brother ?

    1. Peter Stefanovic has put in the hard yards with many years on the hustings overseas. That means chasing stories in all sorts of dangerous corners of the world and getting dirty. There are other families, Hemsworth, Minogue etc. where showbiz is in the family DNA (even another Stefanovic brother who is a cameraman, just like Minogues). So I think the answer to your question is actually, Yes.

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