Axed: Mythbusters to end with Season 14

Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman preparing for an explosive finale after 248 episodes.


Long-running science stunt series Mythbusters is to end in 2016 with its 14th series.

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will end at 248 episodes and 2,950 experiments.

The show first premiered in 2003 and is the longest running show at Discovery.

“Every show has its bell curve. We’re cognizant of our ratings. It’s not like they were terrible but we could see them changing. Three or four years ago we started wondering more if we were going to be renewed. It’s not like it’s unexpected. Still it was kind of amazing that it happened,” the duo told EW.

“Making Mythbusters has fundamentally and irrevocably altered the way I think as a person, as an artist, and as a scientist,” said Savage. “I’m glad for the chance to say goodbye with some of the best television we’ve ever made. I will miss making this show.”

Hyneman added that he “never dreamed we would be on television at all, much less for such a long time and with so much praise for keeping a thought provoking show on the air. And best of all, we were able to do what we do and still have all our fingers and toes.”

Fittingly, they have been preparing for an explosive (literally) finale.

“So whether it’s myths about human behavior or car stories or explosion stories, we tried to find the most awesome example of each category and build on our past history,” they said.

Mythbusters is — and will always be — an incredibly important part of Discovery’s history,” said Rich Ross, group president of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science Channel. “Adam and Jamie are enormous talents who have brought learning and science to the forefront of this network, and their legacy will continue to live on over at Science Channel.”

“For 14 years Adam and Jamie have given blood, sweat, tears and more to Mythbusters,” said John Luscombe, of Beyond Productions. “Their unique personalities and extraordinarily diverse skill sets have literally redefined science television. It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of their time at the helm of Mythbusters.

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  1. I shall miss them all. Jamie, “I’m an ex-marine, let’s blow something up”. Adam, “I substitute my own reality, where’s my toga and sword?” Kari, the artist, from “Bachelorette” to “Married With Children”. Tory, the accident prone, “I’m alright”. Grant, the electronics whizz, “I’ll build a robot”. Not forgetting the occasional Aussie voice from the Director in the blooper bits. “Don’t try this at home” was frequently heard and safety was a high priority but ironically the most injuries came from moving the safety equipment.

  2. An absolute all-time favourite show of mine. Have wonderful memories of it over the years.

    Sadly I too lost track of it in recent years. SBS’s scheduling seemed haphazard and I ended up tuning out. I’ve basically just been waiting for it to finish and them to release the entire box set so I can watch in perfect sequential order.

    Viva la Mythbusters!

  3. A great show, but everything has its natural end. There couldn’t have been to many more myths they hadn’t ‘put to the test’. I remember watching it on SBS on Monday, alternating with Top Gear in the 7.30 slot. Those were the days!

    1. I do too, it was a great combo. Thanks also has to go to SBS for airing on FTA and taking the risk with such a different program to most.

      I must admit to be one that dropped off some years ago. I think the show was at it’s best when it was just Jamie and Adam doing the myths.

  4. Was saddened when I read the headline but have to admit I haven’t watched the show in recent years (never got around to it, and when I did it was repeats half the time). I imagine their insurance premiums are probably sky high, especially after that nasty experiment-gone-wrong a couple of years ago (thankfully no one injured) which would make it expensive to film.

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