Maisie Williams in next Doctor Who

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams surfaces alongside the Doctor this Sunday.


Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams surfaces in this Sunday’s Doctor Who episode.

While details on the plot are sketchy, she’s playing young Viking Ashildr.

“I didn’t realise when I was younger that women were written so badly,” she told Radio Times, “but going further into this career I realised there are a lot of really bad characters, that it’s not common to come across females who aren’t just ‘the girlfriend.’”

“Me and Jenna (Coleman) were talking about it,” Williams explains. “When you get a script they always include a sentence or two about the character, something like – Jason: 36, strong, built, quick, witty and a description of his personality.

“There there’s his girlfriend – Sarah: hot, blonde. And that’s it! ‘Hot looking but in a cute way.’ That’s your character!”

If she’s anywhere near as good as GoT or her Cyberbully performance, this should be a goodie.

She’d make a top companion while we’re at it….

7:30pm Sunday on ABC, and earlier on iview.

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  1. Well, if she’s looking for well-written female characters (& I have to agree with her on that), Doctor Who probably wasn’t a good choice…

    BTW, that’s a terrible promo pic; the fake HDR / pushed colour / obvious Photoshop work makes Jenna Coleman look like a concerned pumpkin & Maisie Williams look like someone dropped John Merrick’s head on the floor. The pics coming from The Beeb / Doctor Who promotions crew have been getting worse and worse like that with every season…

      1. Sorry, wasn’t blaming you at all David. I double-checked the ones from the BBC before commenting, and they’re the same – all fake-HDR’d, blown out highlights, weird colour saturation, and some obvious Photoshoppery to compile/edit poses.

        (To be honest, I didn’t notice that you’d lifted the colours too!)

        That sort of over-manipulation to the point of looking ‘off’ has been a feature of BBC promo pics for several years now – I first noticed it with “Being Human” – but it’s been getting worse for the last couple of years. The last couple of seasons worth of Who pics seem to be leading the pack – for example, poor Matt Smith’s head seemed to be a different vegetable-shape each week…

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