Outnumbered to return as 2016 special


UK comedy Outnumbered is set to be revived for a 2016 special.

The part-improvised sitcom was last seen its fifth season last year with writer-creators Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin thereafter suggesting that the hit series could return from time to time in a number of one-off specials.

Hamilton has recently confirmed that a special episode is being planned for 2016.

“Probably not as a series, but we are hoping to do some one-offs, where we catch up with the family and see what stage they’re at now,” he said.

Outnumbered stars Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner as Pete and Sue Brockman, the long-suffering parents to Jake, Ben and Karen (Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez).

“We’re hoping to do one of those next year, so that would be the next time that people will see the Brockman family on their TV screens – sometime next year.”

The comedy aired in Australia on ABC2.

Source: comedy.co.uk


  1. I’m happy that Outnumbered is coming back. David you got the channel wrong as I quite enjoy this series and have always watched it on ABC3 not ABC2. The actor who played the grandfather has sadly passed away.

  2. Have always loved this show.
    Though the young and cutsey roles for a couple of the kids were wearing a little thin in the last

    But a one off special adapted to the now much older kids would be great.

  3. Excellent news, one of those shows that could easily do that as we know the family so well, plus it would be great to follow-up on Karen being nice from season 5. There aren’t many shows that can do one off episodes or limited run, on the US front probably Psych and White Collar could in the way Columbo used to do three Movie Of The Week shows.

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