1. I enjoy the biggest loser eps more when temptation is on. I know there is a prize up for grabs but I never understand why they take it. They are there to learn how to resist the bad food. Plus they know the trainer will go nuts.

  2. The only reason the tv got turned on last night was to catch up on the previous nights episode of Greys Anatomy which was on far too late on Monday night. Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays are just crap nights of tv these days. I liked this season of greys so far and it was quite good how they did Baileys first day as chief.

    Why is it that a rerun of big bang on Monday night gets a promo for the next rerun 7 are airing but the brand new episode of greys that followed didn’t get a promo for the next brand new episode?

    • TBBT is new to Seven, so they want to make sure its fans know it’s on, get them watching the first ep and hanging around till 10:30pm. They just spent a fortune on it show want to get maximum viewers (and do maximum damage to Nine in 18-39s) for their money.

      And of course 681k first ep of TBBT v 193K for Greys late at night.

  3. I don’t know what 7 and 9 are thing but the decreasing rattings for Block and X-Factor and the increasing rattings for Biggest Looser should be an alarming sight.

  4. daveinprogress

    Last night’s Big Bang Theory was pretty pedestrian; the writers are really phoning it in with that ep. It needs a big shake-up – a baby; a new roommate, something to propel it along a bit more. When you’ve got such good performers it is a shame to see it be so lazy. Nearly a million viewers here and squillions in America; i guess they needn’t bother.

    • Cousin Gazoo? Oliver, a tiny spaceman that only Sheldon can see?

      The only example I can think of that worked ever was Dawn in Buffy, though that was a subverted joke that tied in to the whole storyline…

    • Big Bang ain’t what it used to be – this season is very lame and seems more and more dumbed down as they progress. Now the nerdy jokes are almost gone replaced with more replaced with more relationship-based issues and humour – it is almost becoming more like Friends now.

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