Thursday night, the best, the worst, take your pick…

One of the best hours of local drama this year, or half an hour of your life you will never get back. Your call.


Let me give it to you straight…

Thursday night has some of the best and the worst you will see on the box this week.

The final episode of The Principal on SBS is a ripper. All the strands culminate in some tense and moving performances. It’s one of the best hours of local drama on telly this year.

But if you haven’t seen last week’s two episodes (and tonight’s third chapter) you’ll have to get onto SBS On Demand.

I also checked out Seven’s new entertainment series Mesmerised. That was half an hour of my life I’ll never get back. I’m sorry, but as I sit on my couch trying to work out if stunt hypnosis is actually credible or not, this show didn’t even attempt to explain or justify it. In 2015 I just find that ridonkulous.

Instead it simply showed inane “gotcha” scenes with people quacking like ducks, or behaving like idiot seagulls on the beach with full knowledge of cameras around them. How did they get there? Were they part of the people who applied to be on the show? Are they all just bad actors from online casting sites wanting their 5 minutes of fame? Who knows, the show doesn’t care, as long as their is colour and movement. A wasted opportunity to make us believe, which magic shows like Dynamo: Magician Impossible have done so well.

Please Like Me also returns on ABC. Not quite Josh Thomas’ strongest episode, but a welcome return.

Thursday of course has numerous other shows worthy of consideration …Gogglebox, The Amazing Race The Musketeers, Shane Delia’s Moorish Spice Journey and new Family Guy.

And then there is episode 2 of The Verdict….

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  1. Good to see that there is choice. Must be getting to the end of the year, because we want the most out of advertisers for next years negotiations.

  2. Haven’t caught the Principal yet but super bummed Googlebox is on later due to the Batchelorette. Means I can’t watch Please Like Me live.

    1. I agree. Here’s what I wrote on the article from last Tuesday notifiying its air date :

      “Sounds awful. The people who watched all those internet pet videos will probably love it.”

  3. I’m finding Wed and Thu both fairly hectic nights. Its mainly by allowing overrun for naughty Networks but still!
    With that said, I’ll avoid that silly magic show.

  4. Add in Survivor, Amy Schumer, The Chaser, and Masters of Sex, and I have had to bump Please Like Me to iview as my PVR can only record four networks simultaneously. That doesn’t happen often.

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