Vale: Henning Mankell


Swedish author, Henning Mankell, best known as the creator of Wallander, has died, aged 67.

“Henning Mankell is dead. He died in his sleep early this morning in Göteborg. He was 67 years old,” read a post on Mankell’s official website.

Wallander was adapated for Swedish TV in 2005 for 32 episodes. A UK series starring Kenneth Branagh was adapted in 2008 for 12 episodes.

“Henning Mankell was one of the great Swedish authors of our time, loved by readers in Sweden and all over the world. His work includes around forty novels and numerous plays,” the website noted.

“His books have sold more than forty million copies and are translated into more than forty languages. Solidarity with those in need run through his entire work and manifested itself in action until the very end.”


  1. i must say David, i am still annoyed with you for not publishing a ‘Vale’ for author Colleen McCullough who wrote the book on which ‘the Thorn Birds’ was based, seeing as it was one of the highest rated TV mini series of all time. Yet you see fit to Vale this author *shrug*

    • That’s a long time to stay annoyed, I would have hoped other stories had placated your annoyance by now. In the case of authors I usually look to see if they were involved with adaptations plus their body of screen work. I could see 4 eps of Thorn Birds adapted from Colleen McCullogh’s book, but it didn’t mean she worked on the screenplay. Henning Mankell has a bigger body of TV work, including specific screen writing. Hope that clears things up.

      • fair enough. I didn’t exactly stay annoyed, more that remembered it 😉 I just thought Colleen might get favour because she was an Aussie, oh well.

  2. His creation is called Inspector Kurt “Wallander”. (David, the Wallender misspelling shows up in the related stories on this page as well. Makes searching difficult too!)

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