Best Gogglebox lines: Nov 18

This week the Gogglebox families were shocked by news footage of the attacks in Paris.


This week the Gogglebox families were shocked by news footage of the attacks in Paris.

They also weighed in on Mary: The Making of a Princess and The Biggest Loser (oddly a show produced by Endemol Shine for TEN neglected to call it by its correct name).

TBL Families:
He looks like a young Ivan Milat
She just looks the same. With make up on.
This wasn’t done by the producers much.
This show sux.

A Current Affair on Learner Drivers:
Build a driving village somewhere where they can learn to drive.
I think they ran out of stories to do, Faye.
Do you reckon they are driving around for 2 days to try and get a story?
This is a non-story.
They found these videos on YouTube, I swear.

Mary: The Making of a Princess:
Oh my God he looks just like him.
It’s no Pretty Woman.
It’s boring as batshit.
Everyone in Tasmania knows everyone don’t they? / They’re all cousins.
Surely this isn’t how it happened.
This is super corny.
If this is a lie, what else is a lie?
The next Olympic Games we’re hanging out at the pub.

Bargain Hunt:
It’s like Antiques Roadshow except with heaps more bogan stuff.
The stereotype that British people have terrible teeth… they actually have terrible teeth!
So they’ve actually made a show about a team making $10.

ABC News on Paris Attacks:
It’s so sad. Paris is such a beautiful city.
This is my fear with you guys going to the footy.
Watching this I’m feeling it.
It’s important we don’t say all Muslims are bad.
Do you think this will happen in Australia?
We’re not safe anymore.

It’s an excuse to blow things up.
Redhead science.
This show is wasting my time.

My Transgender Kid:
Society can be cruel. And they’re brave little kids.
I reckon I would struggle with it.
You have to accept it. At the end of the day it’s still your child.
Moral of the story: just love your kid and embrace them.

Movie: Grease.
That music is so good.
Would you Danny Zuko?
I’d do John Travolta in the cockpit.
If you ever leave a room you have to dance and click.

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