Bindi wins Dancing with the Stars US


Bindi Irwin has won the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars USA after repeated acclaimed routines.

According to E! “At the end of her freestyle with Derek Hough, an image of Bindi and her late father Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter star, appeared on stage. Bindi cried, Terri Irwin cried, Erin Andrews cried, Julianne Hough cried, Leah Remini cried, you cried.”

“I didn’t know that photo was going to be up,” she toldĀ co-host Erin Andrews backstage. “This whole experience has meant the world for my whole family and it has changed my life, so thank you so much.”

Erin Andrews said, “I feel like all of us have grown up with her dad and you’re not being yourself, you’re not being true to yourself if you just don’t get emotional and enjoy her and the ride she’s been on and the love she has for her father.”


  1. I find it odd that no one has mentioned the other Aussie who was on the show: Sharna Burgess, she hails from Wagga Wagga – ah, Wagga is underlined in red.

  2. I think Australian TV networks (presumably 7 would have had first dibs) were idiotic not getting coverage of this, fast tracked with the US.
    Huge opportunity blown….watching Bindi progress and impress each week, follow up interview with Sunrise etc.

    Fear of diluting the local show perhaps? But then again, what exactly is there to dilute at this stage?

    • Golden opportunity for ratings on the multichannels (i.e. 7TWO), yes Rosemary and Thyme did top the overnight ratings last night with TBBT but this season DWTS US could of easily found a home on 7TWO and rated well esp. with Bindi in it.

  3. Glad for her…I have not seen any of the videos of Bindi dancing before….she is good…and the trust she had to have in her partner for many of those moves….wow…

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