Denise Drysdale joins Studio 10


Beloved Aussie performer and former Circle co-presenter Denise Drysdale is joining Studio 10, in a job sharing arrangement with Ita Buttrose.

Buttrose will wind back her appearances to 2 days a week, with Drysdale to take up the remaining 3 days alongside Jessica Rowe, Sarah Harris and Joe Hildebrand.

Studio 10 panelists were surprised with the news Live on air earlier this morning.

Denise Drysdale, who had a part-time role on The Circle until 2011, joins from next year.


  1. daveinprogress

    Maybe we can still advocate for Denise for The Logies Hall of Fame! It is nice to see there are other tv tonighters that remember and recognise her longevity and endearing persona. When can we start the push for 2016 Logies Hall of Fame campaigns. The voting has already started. Prisoner for Hall of Fame, and Caroline Jones, Noni Hazelhurst, Denise Drysdale as individuals. A drama series, a journalist/presenter, an actor/presenter and a comedian/presenter.

    • What actually happened there??? I remember as a youngster she took over from Jackie Mac and then a few months later she quietly disappeared…. was there some friction between her and Daryl? She surprisingly appeared on the Hey Hey reunion though on a couple of segments

      • Denise gave an interview to John Laws on Foxtel in 2002 where she said she was sacked from Hey Hey. There was friction between her, Daryl, Red Symons and Wilbur Wilde because they felt she was trying to steal the spotlight and pulling focus away from them. Denise was a performer in her own right and wasn’t prepared to play second fiddle to the boys like Jackie Mac and Livinia Nixon were.

        • Thank you, I remember 10 or so years ago I was MCing an event she was the headline act for and wanted to ask but thought it best not too, she was lovely by the way, couldn’t find someone more down to earth!

  2. Will be good to see a bigger mix of personalities on the show but as a fan of Ita Buttrose good to see she will still be there to share her immense life experience and that there will be someone of the older generation on the panel everyday which helps give a different perspective on the topics discussed.

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