Finale week is coming

The final week of TV ratings begins Sunday November 22 -here's how it is shaping up.


The final week of TV ratings begins Sunday November 22.

Networks are yet to confirm final dates for shows, but here’s the way things are shaping up.

The Block auction is tipped for Sunday November 22nd while the last ever CSI is tipped for Monday 23rd.

X Factor appears set for Tuesday 24th. Whether TBL Families will conclude on the same night is unknown. ABC has its Sarah Ferguson doco Hitting Home over two nights, Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25, with a special Q&A following on the Wednesday.

Presumably Celebrity Apprentice will wrap on Wednesday 25th. SBS launches Kebab Kings on Wednesday 25.

TEN has the ARIA Awards on Thursday 26th, which is the same night Nine launches its new channel LIFE.

And on the last night of the TV ratings year: Junior Eurovision on SBS with 14-year-old Bella Paige singing for Australia.

Meanwhile Gruen has its season final next week on ABC. A Wil Anderson special Wiluminati will air at 9pm Wednesday 18 (The Ex-PM moves to 8:30pm for its final episode).

TEN’s telemovie Mary: The Making of a Princess is also screening in the penultimate week, Sunday November 15 and avoids heavy traffic.

(NB: Some dates are yet to be confirmed)

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  1. So once again shows will go from bad to worse, also guess shows held back like Modern Family won’t air until Feb, so we’ll once again be half a season behind the US, so much for networks listening to viewers and airing popular shows sooner. Seriously TEN, seriously!

  2. Ten have been smart to hold back on ‘Mary: The Making of a Princess’. The problem this year has been the networks were like a bull out of a gate airing alot of the premium shows back in February often with the 3 commercial networks competing in the same time slot.
    Viewers can timeshift but theres only so much one can record on the pvr or bother streaming online. That then left gaps of weeks where there was bugger all worth watching. I hope they spread things out a bit more next year. Although having said that, for me there is less worth watching on the commercial networks than ever before. Even ABC has not been great this year, i’ve found there are an awful lot of repeats on in the last 6mths, probably due to funding cuts i guess.

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