“It’s stupid.” Jerry Springer finally says what we were all thinking.


At last. Jerry Springer has finally admitted what we always knew about his syndicated talk show, The Jerry Springer Show.

Speaking on this week’s Celebrity Juice, Springer told Keith Lemon he apologises for “ruining the culture” with his show.

That’s despite the show still airing in its 25th season, now via CNBC Europe late at night.

When asked to describe the show, he added: “It’s really stupid, it’s a circus. People come on… I mean it’s not a serious show.

“They just come on and complain about their relationships. They’re angry and they throw chairs, but the next day they’re dating someone else.

“It’s a stupid show. I have expenses and I needed a job!”

Amen to that.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. I’m sure it was slightly less stupid way back in the 90s. I remember being addicted to both Springer and Donahue back then. Good times. I saw it recently in England and it is such a parody of itself, there is practically no actual talk, just chair throwing and tearing dresses off.

  2. @ David Knox – it might air in Europe on CNBC but I don’t believe it airs in Australia on the Asia-Pacific CNBC feed. I think the last network it aired on here was Arena before it focused more so on judge (Judge Judy, Peoples Court, etc.) and health (Dr Oz, Dr Phil) shows

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