Nine sings on Sunday, Seven close behind.

Ratings: Both Nine and Seven drew good shares for Sunday, well ahead of the rest.


Nine had a winning line-up last night, leading from Nine News at 6pm through to an Adele special at around 9:30pm.

Seven News was a competitive second while TBL Families saw a proposal help deliver TEN’s best performer.

On ABC it was a night of dramatic deaths, with the final episode of The Beautiful Lie wrapping much lower than when it began.

SBS managed a good result thanks to a doco on Scotland.

Nine network won with 32.2% then Seven 30.0%, TEN 16.7%, ABC 14.8% and SBS 6.4%.

The Block (1.23m) led for Nine then Nine News (1.16m), 60 Minutes (1.15m) and Adele: Live in London (680,000).

Seven News (1.15m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (850,000), Beach Cops (753,000) and Movie: Captain Phillips (674,000).

TBL Families topped TEN at 673,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 425,000, Scorpion was 389,000, Limitless was 303,000 and NCIS was 209,000.

ABC News (791,000) ruled for ABC followed by Doctor Who (481,000), The Beautiful Lie (425,000), Death in Paradise (286,000) and Compass (268,000).

On SBS Scotland: Rome’s Final Frontier did well with 350,000. Genius was 190,000 and SBS World News was 148,000.

7TWO’s Escape to the Country topped multichannels at 219,000.

Only 11,000 watched Junior Eurovision live at 4am on SBS -it gets a primetime repeat this coming Saturday.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 22 November 2015

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  1. My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed The Beautiful Lie. The entire cast were exceptional and believeable in their roles. Well done ABC. Such a pity it didn’t rate highly but then again it’s not a middle of the road script like many commercial network dramas.

  2. Hi David. I live in the WIN viewing area and until last week WIn use to overlay the GEM logo with their own WIN GEM logo in the color. Are they preparing to take on Nines new logo’s and convert to HD? It may be a cost reduction reason?

  3. SBS did well out of their repeat archaeological/historical doco-proves there is at least some desire for something more intelligent than moronic renovations/cooking/singing/not overeating shows.

  4. A Beautiful Lie was not supported by Dr. Who as the lead-in which lost 300,000 viewers after the news. There is so much to learn. Why was a flagship Australian drama not programmed in mid-winter with Grand Designs as the lead-in? The figures were always going to be average for this challenging drama.

  5. The movie didn’t gain much on Quantico’s ratings. Was the small one off gain of viewers by slotting in a movie really worth annoying Quantico viewers and now possibly losing viewers by playing musical chairs with the show?

        1. ch7 and any network that messes around with a show are in danger of losing their audience permanently. With the closure of our very last local video store, we subscribed to netflix after trialling it on a friends ID. As a result, last night was a double Adele fix with its ads, but also Jessica Jones with no ads. So if fta’s want to d**k around with stuff, its very easy to go eleswhere

          1. Jessica Jones is a slowish start and is gradually building, up to ep4 so far. Nice without all the appalling ads

    1. Last week Quantico 477k, Castle 296k, Castle rpt ?? averaged something like 350k over 3 hours. Captain Philips averaged 674k over nearly 3 hours. The peak figure, before some people recorded the ending and went to bed, would have been larger than 674k.

      If Seven doesn’t air Captain Philips now how many more people will have watched it on DVD, Foxtel or streaming services by the time they do show it during next years ratings season, reducing the return.

      Castle has been screened in consistent blocks (they usually put it on when they don’t have anything better available). They screened only one less ep of Castle than intended (it wasn’t going to be on next Sunday anyway because it wasn’t going to be screened during non-ratings). Quantico is one of the shows are showing over Summer, so it will be back next week.

      1. General viewers don’t know what movies a free to air network has the rights to. I highly doubt viewers were desperately hanging out for Captain Phillips yesterday. If they wanted to watch it they’ve had 2 years since it was released.

        Quick search on this site and found an article about castle being dumped.
        There were other articles about inconsistent start times and even one where castle aired for a while on Monday.

        I can’t understand your need to defend shows being played around with when the evidence says otherwise.

  6. Beautiful Lie was an interesting but ultimately unsatisfying experiment I think. Uneven tonally, although brilliantly acted, especially by Sarah Snook and Sophie Lowe, it was always going to be a hard ask to have viewers feel for the main character and her actions. Snook’s skill was the drawcard for me. The occasional comical and tragic elements made it a mish mash but still well made. Not sure how well it will go at the Logies next year.

      1. Agreed. I thought it was very good, it was never was meant to be satisfying.
        The literary folk gave it a hard time being “Tolstoy” and judged it accordingly.
        Sarah Snook and Sophie Lowe were exceptional.

      2. I agree.
        Beautiful Lie really resonated with me – exceptional acting by all involved but yes, not too many likeable characters, except maybe Peter who seemed a lovely guy but probably too nice, being used as a doormat by everyone.
        He would have to be a saint to put up with the neurotic Kitty.
        Ended up feeling quite sorry for Anna – even though it was her own doing, she really had nowhere to turn in the end.
        Kudos to Sarah Snook for playing such an unlikeable character so well and portraying Anna’s escalating desperation and utter desolation at the end.
        What a horrible way to die..

          1. Kitty was magnificent in her painfulness.
            Sophie Lowe also played quite an irritating, self absorbed character in The Slap -very similar.
            She does it so well.
            Yes, a stellar cast all round.

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