Sigrid Thornton joins Wentworth


Former Prisoner star Sigrid Thornton will return to Wentworth, by signing for Season 4 of the hit drama.

Thornton, who originally played Roslyn Coulson, will play Sonia Stevens, originally played by Tina Bursill.

The new-look character is described as a wealthy but self-made dynamo behind a cosmetics empire. She comes into the prison on remand, suspected of the murder of a missing woman.

Foxtel Head of Drama Penny Win said “Wentworth’s fourth season continues the series’ finely-honed evolution as a world class contemporary drama which proudly forges its own path, while fearlessly daring to reimagine characters and elements of the iconic Prisoner series

“Having Sigrid Thornton sign on to return behind the walls of Wentworth is a casting dream and a wonderful acknowledgement of the work the writing team has put into the creation of Sonia Stevens and our plans for her and all our characters.”

FremantleMedia Australia Director of Drama Jo Porter said “Sigrid was always on the top of our casting wish list – adored and admired by audiences for the strong women she has chosen to portray. From the second Sonia Stevens steps from the brawler, there is an unsettling sense all is not as it may seem. I am sure audiences will relish watching Sonia’s long game play out across season four.”

Thornton, who will also appear in ABC’s The Code, is not the first original cast member to return to Wentworth with Anne Charleston and Liddy Clarke having previously appeared, but she is the most high-profile.

Also appearing are Kate Jenkinson (Allie Novak), Bernard Curry (Jake Stewart).

The story will resume on air next year as Bea and her cell-block mates are returning to Wentworth after the fire and rebuilding of H Block to find a new dynamic in play with a new contender for Top Dog. On the outside, Franky is trying hard to be a productive member of society. As always, no-one should underestimate “the Freak”.

The cast includes Danielle Cormack (Bea Smith), Pamela Rabe (Joan Ferguson), Kate Atkinson (Vera Bennett), Nicole da Silva (Franky Doyle), Celia Ireland (Liz Birdsworth), Shareena Clanton (Doreen Anderson), Katrina Milosevic (Sue “Boomer” Jenkins), Robbie Magasiva (Will Jackson), Socratis Otto (Maxine Conway), Tammy MacIntosh (Kaz Proctor), Libby Tanner (Bridget Westfall), Jacquie Brennan (Linda Miles) and in the course of the season introduces Kate Jenkinson (Allie Novak), Bernard Curry (Jake Stewart) and Sigrid Thornton (Sonia Stevens).

Wentworth is a FremantleMedia Australia production for Foxtel with FremantleMedia Australia Director of Drama Jo Porter and Foxtel’s Head of Drama Penny Win as executive producers. Pino Amenta is series producer for season four. The directors are Kevin Carlin, Steve Jodrell, Jet Wilkinson and Adrian Russell Wills. The writers are John Ridley, Pete McTighe, Michael Lucas, Sam Winston and Marcia Gardner, who is both script producer and writer.



  1. i remember her as rosalyn coulson
    the new sonia stevens character also sounds like helen masters who appeared early on in prisoner she was the owner of a cosmetics empire who was sent to wentworth suspected of being involved in a hit and run

  2. Sonia Stevens was one of my fave characters from the original series, she was such an ice queen and so calculating….. Tina Bursill played her brilliantly…. And I reckon Tina could still play her!!! But am looking for to seeing Sigrid back behind bars!!!!
    As soon as I saw the name Jake Stewart I immedialtey thought of that evil Jock, a right monster!!!

    • daveinprogress

      Speaking of Prisoner, do you know why Foxtel ripped the show out of the schedule, mid series on 111 Hits? It is nowhere to be found anywhere. I remember you reporting that they had the rights until 2017 i think it was, but why mid run, when it has still a couple of hundred eps to play?

        • daveinprogress

          Don’t think so. I know what a big fan of the series you were. I thought i might have missed a piece of scheduling. Ist of November, vanished! Replaced with Fresh Prince of Bel Air!!!! I am still hooked on Prisoner; it really captured something that no other drama has done for me. Oh well, I’ve had a few times around with it. Very addictive.

          • It moved to TVHITS in double episodes around 3am from Tuesday to Saturday (I think).

          • M4rcocapps is right its on tuesday to saturday in double episodes from 3am on tv hits im still watching it even though it’s my 4th time round i just never get sick of it

          • No problems! I must also have watched it about 4 times through…once the original airing, the 3/4am repeats on Ten, and airing on Foxtel, and then the full DVD collection I purchased. I love it but don’t think I can do a 5th viewing LOL

    • I really kind of hope it isn’t the same character. It’s one of the few characters in Prisoner that I found genuinely disgusting with no redeeming features whatsoever.

  3. daveinprogress

    What a career Sigrid has had. From her Logie win as a juvenile in the mid 70’s for Homicide, if my memory serves me well, to Prisoner, Snowy River, Sea Change, Peter Allen and now back behind bars. I had the pleasure of meeting her in 2000 at Ripponlea at the height of Seachange’s popularity. A nicer person you could not find. Just delightful lady and very talented.

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