TEN to announce 6 new series


TEN will host its 2016 Upfronts in Sydney tonight with newly-installed CEO Paul Anderson confirming it will announce 6 new series.

They will include a new Drama, plus a new Documentary series.

But he was tight-lipped on the detail, speaking at yesterday’s Screen Forever conference.

“We’ve launched 5 new shows this year I’m a Celebrity, Gogglebox, Shark Tank, The Bachelorette and Spelling Bee. We see real futures in those shows.

“There are 6 new shows for next year which we’re really excited about. For the first time in a long time TEN’s got a 7:30 backbone of domestic content, which is building the blocks for our schedule across the night.

“(It’s a) combination of having consistency and being able to launch new shows with the early evening flow of Family Feud and The Project is doing great numbers as well.”


  1. So TEN have commissioned a drama from Playmaker starring Jessica Marais. So Nine has the third series Love Child with Jessica Marais and TEN will have The Wrong Girl with Jessica Marais. This level of risk-aversion, which (from the outside) just looks like repetition, assumes (wrongly IMHO) the audience wont notice and wont mind. Seriously? Is this a good idea? I really don’t know.

  2. Hi David, I have been meaning to create an account for a while now. I’ve just made this account now, an I have a question. When would you be posting the ten upfronts? Tonight or Tomorrow? Cause I am quite interested in upfronts and excited to see what TEN has for next year. Thanks

  3. Armchair Analyst

    As long as one of those new shows is SportsTonight i will be happy, bring it back TEN, it will give me more of a reason to “Turn on TEN”.

  4. Ten really need to look at their 6pm to 7.30pm timeslot. This is where they are weak and unless they crack the news hour and 7pm slots their launch pad for new shows will start off with a very low base. Shows like TBL and Masterchef were successful because they stayed at 7pm.

  5. Well considering all 5 new programs have been successes this year it gives them a good platform to try more new ideas for next year, I look forward to seeing what these will be….. Unlike the negative comments posted so far…..

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