Warner Bros to now produce The Bachelor franchise


Season Four of The Bachelor and Season Two of The Bachelorette won’t be produced by Endemol Shine Australia, with Warner Bros Television recently announcing it was setting up shop in Sydney.

Overseeing the productions will be Shaun Murphy who was the Executive Producer of the franchise at Shine.

It’s not the first time formats have changed hands with both MasterChef Australia and The Biggest Loser previously moving from FremantleMedia Australia to Shine. All 4 shows have been TEN network brands.

TEN’s Head of Factual and Entertainment Stephen Tate recently explained to TV Tonight what such changes mean to from a network perspective.

“It means we have to be very vigilant that we’re going to get the same production values and calibre of our department heads. We have contractual sign-off on all of those key positions. So we make sure we get the best possible people to continue working on the show,” he explained.

“We saw quite a few formats travel from Fremantle to Shine and we had to oversee that transition as well.

“Shine have done a magnificent the job on Bachelor, establishing it in this market. But the format is owned by Warners and they want to set up a production entity in Australia, so they have taken Bachelor and Bachelorette in-house.”


  1. Does that mean the format owner can just rip away the rights to producing the format from another production house, or would Shine’s contract with WB/Ten for the Australian rights to produce simply have expired?

    • Yep, ‘dear’ Jake. That’s exactly how it is.

      Now don’t feel bad as:
      A) It’s pan-global, nothing exclusive to Australia.
      B) Everybody does it. So there’s no rationale to feel bad. (Assuming you can understand that in spite of presumably being a “Bachelor” audience.)

      So “Thank Me Now” as I had to create an account on this bloody misleading site just for replying to you.

  2. It’s like a Company changing it’s Advertising Agency, the product is the same but the presentation changes. The client can oversee the production at every stage and has to give a final approval before being aired. Perhaps WB will use the “working” studio at Movie World on the Gold Coast. The Big Brother house is vacant.

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