Daniel wins TBL Families 2015

The Jofre family proved the team to beat, with 24 yr old Daniel taking out the $100k prize.


24 year old Melburnian Daniel Jofre has won TBL Families, having lost 51.6 kilograms, or 39.1% of his starting weight.

His final weight of 80.4 kilograms was enough to secure the $100,000 prize.

“I am extremely proud of being crowned The Biggest Loser for 2015,” he said.

“I am equally proud of my family and the fact that we were able to start and finish this incredible
journey together as a family.”

The Jofre family proved the team to beat, winning 14 of the season’s 20 challenges and taking out The Biggest Loser title for 10 of the 13 weekly weigh-ins and becoming the only family in TBL history worldwide to make it to Finals week with their entire family still in the competition.

His Uncle Rob was named the Biggest Losing contestant, losing 59.3 kilograms, winning $10,000 and marrying Emma, his fiancée of 10 years, in a surprise ceremony.

The Jofre family was also named the Biggest Losing family, losing a combined 208.6 kilograms and gaining another $100,000 as a family.

“We are incredibly excited about the endless opportunities that lay ahead of us. As a family we are so grateful for all the knowledge we have gained and cannot wait to share this with others,” said Daniel.

Trainer Michelle Bridges said: “It was our dream. We said it right from the start. And we did it!”

TEN is yet to confirm if the series will return for 2016.

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  1. This was probably my least favourite series of the five I’ve watched. The Jofre’s deserve their wins because they truly worked hard for everything they got (and it must be said other contestants’ results yielded exactly they deserved, too). Congratulations Jofre family. It’s kinda dull to watch a one horse race, though.

  2. Personally l feel the Families concept did not work. Once alliances were in play it was heavily stacked against two teams. What family will vote off their own family member? Not only that an all male team was bound to win over a mixed family. The original series needs to be brought back and an earlier time slot perhaps on Eleven instead of Ten. They need some new trainers as well. Perhaps switch trainers around every week to avoid clashes with contestants.

  3. After a pretty forgettable season last year, this one has been pretty good, i reckon. Strong and likable characters like Moses, Mel and Pablo shone and made for great reality tv. I would have liked Pablo or Rob to have won. It was fascinating to observe the strong love and connectivity of the Jofre clan. I liked all the kissing, but not the butt slapping – interesting mix of sensitivity with macho shtick. I really liked Fiona as host.

  4. I predict a red team win from week 2 (although I would have guessed that the really arogdnt Tony would have won). Also why didn’t the house try and get them out. When one of them was nominated, no one would evict them. The only time they did evict someone from the red team, he was brought back in the next episode for what I consider the most predicable twist ever (the “hey we are bringing back evicted contestants, act shocked)

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