Report: Google exec to replace Mark Scott as ABC Managing Director


Google executive Michelle Guthrie will replace Mark Scott as ABC Managing Director in 2016, according to a report in Fairfax.

She will become the first female managing director in the broadcaster’s history.

Based in Singapore, Guthrie manages the search engine giant’s relationships with marketing and advertising agencies on Google’s Asian Management Committee.

Her career within media started at BSkyB in the UK, becoming Director of Legal and Business Development at Foxtel, and CEO at News Corp owned STAR TV in Hong Kong. She also served as managing director of private equity firm Providence Equity Partners, currently serves as a non-executive director of broadcasting group MTG (Modern Times Group), and sits on the board of directors for Auckland International Airport, Pacific Star Network in Melbourne and aid agency Plan International in Hong Kong. She is a graduate of Sydney University in Australia. It was recently reported she currently splits her time between Australia and Singapore.

At Google she has been a big advocate for mobile platforms. “It’s not just mobile first in Asia, it’s mobile only,” she said.

Fairfax reports former News Corp Australia chief executive Kim Williams and SBS managing director Michael Ebeid were shortlisted for the job but were unsuccessful.

Mark Scott is due to step down next July unless he makes way earlier for Ms Guthrie.


  1. As long as she brings complete balance to the political coverage, as it is badly warped to left now. So much so, the ABC’s reputation is badly tarnished.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      The untruth that never dies. Yet another bleat about how ABC news/caff is apparently so left-wing from someone who either doesn’t watch it or has a terrible memory.

      • It’s like they never read the outcomes of all those investigations started by Liberal governments…

        (Wonder how they’ll feel about the results of the Q&A one – not a “lefty lynch mob”, but should try to give more time & weight to female, younger, & non-Sydbourne panelists?)

  2. jezza the first original one

    This is a superb appointment for many reasons with the most important being ability and strong employment history. Lets hope Mark Scott decides to leave earlier

  3. Hmmm, I’m in two minds on this… On the one hand, it’s always worrying when they choose someone with strong commercial ties. On the other hand, previous ABC MDs & CEOs from similar backgrounds have often surprised with a willingness to leave that behind & stand up for what they think is best for the ABC.

    Interesting times, I guess.

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