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Seven has announced a new dating show First Dates based on a UK series of the same name.

The blind dating series is in addition to the previously-announced Kiss Bang Love and a casting notice for Relationship Rescue.

First Dates sees people on blind dates in a restaurant who have been brought together according to their likes and dislikes and matched by a resident psychologist / relationship expert.

According to Seven’s release, “They’ve turned their backs on online dating in the hope of meeting someone special face-to-face, and they’ll meet their potential love match for the very first time in the restaurant. Cameras controlled remotely record the date from start to finish – from first impressions, through all the awkward, heart-warming and funny moments, to the end of the meal and the discussion about whether or not a second date is on the cards.”

While it does include some fixed-rig cameras, participants have all been interviewed and are aware of the process they are embarking on.

First Dates allows us to observe human behaviour in its purest form. This is a series about people’s lives, their stories, the diversity of a country – these factors are played out through the prism of dating and the universal feeling of wanting to love and be loved. The series is warm, kind and generous, and served with a good dollop of humour,” says Seven.

Seven has confirmed the series is also open to same-sex couples, but yet to confirm if any will appear.

In the UK series, participants who luck out will ask the viewing public to put themselves forward as their potential next date -and to appear in a future episode.

First Dates is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia which is also producing the upcoming Bachelor franchise for TEN.


  1. Hopefully its more like the first two seasons of the UK version and less like the more recent seasons where there is too much involvement with the maitre’d and waitresses with their chatter and thoughts on the couples. They need to also ensure they have the right mix of people, not all bogans is what I am saying. Being on 7, this may be hard for them to do.
    Also, this channel 76 people are taking about, I don’t think it will be the HD channel, that is more likely to be on 70 like it once was.

    • The most recent seasons of the UK version have been great, it’s nice to have to staff of Paternoster share their opinions of the dates – it’s like they’re the ‘Gogglebox’ on site who share the same thoughts we do. Afraid to have high hopes for this one though, with an Aussie cast and produced by Warner…..I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s an enjoyable as Channel 4’s

  2. Im living in the UK at the moment and this is the only reality show I watch. It is very well done. From the individual interviews before the date to them being interviewed together after the date. Even the staff in the restaurant are well picked. If you can watch the UK version is well worth a look.

  3. barrington bumbaclaart

    The British show is extremely well done and the polar opposite to a show like the Bachelor in that it’s more like an observational documentary than highly-produced constructed reality. These shows are actually very hard to get right, every aspect from casting to editing has to be spot on otherwise they fall flat (like other Aussie iterations of UK fixed rig shows). Just hope we have the creative talent to pull it off – I’m dubious.

  4. This show is actually one of the most critically-acclaimed on UK TV. The characters are interesting and the interaction is fascinating and light years away from The Bachelor. More like 24 Hours In A&E. But feel free to judge it without seeing a single frame.

  5. I like fly on the wall television and if they keep it simple it could be interesting watching. Then again if they give it the My Kitchen Rules feel, it will probably be complete rubbish.

  6. Mr game show fan

    If Ch 76 is not 7HD, it could be a 24/7 reality show channel.

    You could have shows like First Dates on that channel.
    If you indeed had a 24/7 reality show channel filled with rubbish shows, the Seven network is losing more money with this waste of a channel then the Cash Cow segments.

  7. Bachelor is a hit for 10. What signal does that send 7 + 9? Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy. When was the last time that 7 or 9 came up with an original show?

  8. As if we needed any more dating type shows in the schedules next year, great way to canabalise a format Seven. I can see this going down the same way as all the Cookung & Renovating shows..

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