Dave Hughes is “our secret weapon” on AGT

AGT Judges & Host 201115 Final

Nobody saw Dave Hughes coming as the new host of Australia’s Got Talent when he was announced by Nine, but according to judge Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, he’s the show’s very own secret weapon.

“When they announced him as host I thought it was a stroke of genius,” he told TV Tonight. “I think Dave has got such a brilliant, common touch. He’s comfortable speaking with all types of people. He can find the humanity in any situation and drag it out and get great comedy out of it.

“He’s the normal [host] that these shows often get. Dave can be a bit of a bumbler –that’s his act. He’s happy to fall on his sword if it can create some great comedy moments and that’s what we’ve seen so far.

“I think he’s our secret weapon.”

The talent show returns on February 1st spearheading Nine’s ratings assault and while the comedian is better known for taking the p**s on The Project and The Footy Show, Dicko says there’s another side to the funny-man.

“He’s done about 16 years of live radio and television and not all of that has been played for laughs. Quite often there’s a huge amount he will do where he puts his desire for laughs to one side and actually deals with the human being in front of him.

“The one thing you get with Dave is that he will be real. Sometimes you get hosts backstage being a little bit over the top in their support [of contestants] but Dave is honest. Sometimes there are awkward moments because he’s not the most tactile of people. He doesn’t like being touched that much!

“I’ve known Dave for about 13 years,” he insists. “I won’t hear a word said against him!”


  1. I like Hughesy, but I have lost a bit of respect for him now he’s doing this crappy show. I know a buck is a buck & he has a family to feed but I’d rather earn money by working at Macca’s than this.

  2. Seriously folks, how long can we keep pumping out one reality/talent show after the others.
    Australia now has a population of over 23 million and I notice show are called “successes” if they pull in 600,000 views!
    Cast your mind back to Idol when the regular show rated over a million and the grand final 3 million, not to mention in the 70’s when almost 2 million watched Number 96 when our population was 13 million!
    The tank is about to run dry.

      • These days we can be entertained in so many ways and on various devices not to mention methods of delivery (free to air, pay tv, subscriptions, online, etc). Ratings figures are rubbery at best in my view.

    • when oz had a population of around 12 million back in the 70’s, Countdown regularly got around 4 million in audience figures for new (at the time), fresh music, written by the performers who performed it. Not like this retread rubbish-a-thon.

  3. I was a bit shocked when I heard that Hughesy was host & was also about Dicko but look I’m going to give it a go again, will def watch this over MKR rubbish..

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