Returning: Limitless, Supernatural.

TEN and ELEVEN confirm two returning titles soon.


Limitless is back later this month on TEN in a later timeslot of 10:30pm Sundays from January 31.

It will form part of a big night on TEN including I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, Modern Family and The X Files.

Updated: Meanwhile Supernatural will return to ELEVEN Monday 8 February at 8.30pm.

The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers continues tonight as Supernatural enters its 11th season.

Dean and Sam are faced with their biggest threat after unleashing darkness upon the world. The ancient evil that God had locked away many centuries ago was set free after the Mark Of Cain was removed from Dean’s arm.

With both brother’s finally fighting on the same side, they will face incarnations of evil like never before.

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  1. I rang up Ten last week to find out when Supernatural was back on on Eleven and they told me the 8th, and I was like … because i really loved that Australia was a few days behind the U.S, and this would make us 3 episodes behind, but I really hope it’s on the 1st like you say then it wouldn’t be so bad, but I checked the TV guide before and it only says the Simpsons is on then. Crosses fingers that Supernatural’s on the first!!!

  2. It’s been great that Netflix has all the previous seasons of Supernatural, I’ve heard a few people say that they are looking forward to the return now that they have finally caught up. A couple hadn’t even watched the series at all because of wanting to start at the beginning but it is a daunting task considering how many episodes that is! Netflix makes it easier to catch up on show likes this so you aren’t having to fork out a lot for DVDs or make runs to the video store.

  3. I’m interested in a return of Elementary. TEN finished midway through the last season (AFAIK), and with a new season, having to finish the last season before starting the new means a commitment on a timeslot.

      1. The last episode I watched was the exit of Kitty Winter and her letter. When I checked the next week it wasn’t scheduled. I know that there was a dramatic end of season finale, but I never got to see it.

    1. They put Supernatural’s return from the cliff-hanger up against episode 2 of the X-files. There would seem to be a fair amount of overlap in viewer there and they they are trying to launch the X-Files as the “biggest TV event of 2016” (though Seven thinks its Home and Away).

      1. Thanks for the info Pertinax, but all that sort of stuff doesn’t bother us, we don’t watch anything until we have all the eps in a season due to the dysfunctional antics of the FTA networks, and if the network is too slow in delivering a season to us we just get the DVD, it lengthens out our scheduling is the only problem. for instance the ginning around with S7 Castle (ch7) forced us to get the DVD, CAS701 is set in our scheduled for 19APR16.

    1. There’s going to be a crossover of Bones & Sleepy Hollow. Not sure how that will work here as they are on different networks here. I wonder if they’ll be on at around the same time. I don’t watch Sleepy Hollow but will have to watch this one.

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