Adriano Zumbo to get his Just Desserts on Seven

Patissier Adriano Zumbo will put amateur dessert makers to the test in a new series from the makers of MKR.


Seven has confirmed a new cooking contest presented by patissier Adriano Zumbo, Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

Devised by the makers of My Kitchen Rules, the series will put amateur dessert makers to the test.

Seven recently announced auditions for an unnamed dessert show for home-cooks advising,  “Contestants will have to show off their cooking skills as they work against the clock, to impress the judges and deliver amazing dishes.”

Adriano Zumbo, who has previously appeared on his own SBS series Zumbo and TEN’s MasterChef said, “Who doesn’t love desserts? It’s everyone’s favourite course and this show will be a trip into my
wonderful world of pastry.

“I can’t wait to share my latest sweet creations – they’re out of this world!”

LifeStyle Food has recently had success with The Great Australian Bake-Off, based on a UK format.

The series is tipped to film in May.

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  1. Why is it all the great Aussies on the seven shows are hard to understand ? Manu ? Colin? Lucky it’s about food cos its impossible to understand what they are saying… Hope zumba is firecracker talent to save me from boredom when the contestants are explaining how may grams of sugar it takes to make thick icing… Bake off is a great show on cable … Not prime time

  2. I love desserts so will probably give this one a go. Loved Australian bake off & was really annoyed it went to foxtel for the second series.

    So I guess this means he won’t be on MasterChef this year?

  3. Being devised by the makers of My Kitchen Rules didn’t save Restaurant Revolution – the elephant in the room. But this shows more promise. Does filming in May mean we will see it air this year?

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